The best mobile phones of 2015 are getting more trendy and innovative as years passed. These have become more dependable and user-friendly to cater the various and complex necessities of millions who can no longer survive without these extremely sleek mobile phones. In case that you are not aware of this staggering technological realities, smartphones have made a total of $264 billion in terms of sales revenues as of last year. Meanwhile, 91% of all the citizens the world over proudly owned a simple or a sophisticated mobile phone depending on their personal preferences.

The sleek and versatile Nokia Lumia 930.

The sleek and versatile Nokia Lumia 930.

Such huge technological demands have triggered strong marketing competitions which are truly immeasurable and colossal without questions. Have you ever wondered to buy another smartphone of your dreams? Here are some of the top choices that you must not dare miss before it runs out of stock in your country. First in the roster is the Lumia 930. Among its best features are: Dynamic fully-efficient apps, a 20 mega pixel camera, vibrant OLED screen, an incredible app which allows users to hire vehicles in those areas where signals are terribly low. Pricewise, a Lumia 930 had a whooping price tag of $619.23. In addition to this, there’s also another magnificent mobile that you cannot live without. This is for sure. To begin with, the regal Samsung Galaxy Alpha it possesses a 4.7 inch screen display, it is indeed easy to operate with a single hand. In this manner every user will manage these apps without hidden issues. Hence, its powerful battery pack provides this astonishing phone with a remarkable performance as you expect any stylish phone should be. Generally, its total weight is only about 115 grams as if you are carrying nothing inside your pocket, bag or pouch.

On the contrary, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha was not able to exhibit a striking feature which makes it worth buying. But if you still want this at all cost just shell out as much as $845. Moving forward, you should take a look at a Sony Xperia Z3. To describe, its unimaginable screen resolution paves the way for every user to intricately explore Sony Xperia Z3 until you are undoubtedly convinced that this should be one of the best mobile phones of 2015. Insofar as its integrated video capability, it has a 4K video capability. Best of all, its both water and dust proof respectively. On the other hand, among its unexpected flaws are: An overheating camera feature and a restricted OS. Technological innovations are not really perfect. Despite of this these best mobile phones are still in demand because of these major factors. Primarily, it is cultural fad. Second, these best mobile phones of 2015 grandiosely signify one’s status symbol. What about you? How do you personally perceive these best mobile phones of 2015?

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