Eating is not only a necessity, it is also a passion for those people who often use this as a defense mechanism for all their pains, miseries and personal inadequacies. Ultimately, we need some good food to keep us in tip top shape despite our different lifestyles. But there is one major problem that we have to effectively deal with to avoid the onset of other physical discomforts that might hamper our harmonious physiological processes as years passed. It is the no other than but how can we possibly have a better digestion no matter how and what we eat? Medically, if we are able to digest our food very well we can sleep soundly, our homeostatic states are at its peak in terms of hormonal balances and physical coordinations to name a few.

Tarragon, a bitter herb that effectively aids your digestion processes.

Tarragon, a bitter herb that effectively aids your digestion processes.

Tips on How to Achieve a Better Digestion

How are we going to have a good digestion? Well, to answer this question. you have to take a look at the following simple tips that might help you in a large extent. Here they are in a rundown.

  • Lemon-Squeeze about two pieces of lemons, in a 250 ml. of spring water. Do this on a daily basis, before breakfast. Healthwise, the main advantage of a pure lemon juice is this. It will remarkably clean your digestive system of its excess debris. Thus, it will also remove stomach acids in no time.
  • Organically- formulated apple cider vinegar- Simply mix altogether the following: 250 ml-500 ml. of apple juice and a 250 ml. mixture of apple cider vinegar. Doing this, will marvelously balance your digestive juices specially so, if you tend to have higher levels of hydrochloric acid.
  • Do not drink cold beverages while you are eating.- Cold drinks can slow down your digestion process dramatically. However, if you really need to drink, resort to some herbal teas or hot water.
  • Bitter Herbs- Drink some bitter herbs at least 20 to 30 minutes before lunch or dinner. These gifts of Mother Nature will exceptionally facilitate the production of digestive enzymes.
  • Self-Massage- There are specific and easy to follow self-massages that you must do so that your digestion will be hassle-free. For instance, you want to do a liver message. All you need to do is to place the heel of your right hand under the rib cage of your body. But this should be above the hip bone. Point your fingers across your body. Then, press firmly. Next, you must move your fingers across the body in the middle of the abdomen. Last but not the least, end the process by placing the heel of your hand over your navel. Do this for about 10-20 times.

A better digestion is the sweetest symphony of good health. It has something to do with the perfect chemistry of all those pivotal mechanisms in our digestive system,that will in turn foster a cleaner and an ailment- free stomach just like a newborn infant.

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