Between Two Ferns

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The inexplicable parodies of life have the need to be spiced up with some laughter that will definitely lighten up your irresolvable predicaments in the meantime. Therefore, why don’t watch a hilarious comedy via this soon to be popular video website, “Funny or Die”? Along this juncture, “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis is an entertaining show with extreme hilarity as Galifianakis does a candid interview with his chosen and famous international celebrities, while they are both comfortably sitting between two ferns. Ironically, the unusual set of “Between Two Ferns” has significantly reflected a kind of cyberspace show which is rationally alluded to as a low-budget type of production. This was deliberately made because the dynamic and prolific people behind “Between Two Ferns,” splendidly want their kind of quality entertainment to lovingly serve the purpose of what a public access television is all about.

Between Two Ferns is a comedy and entertainment show via the internet hosted by Zach Galifianakis.

Between Two Ferns is a comedy and entertainment show via the internet hosted by Zach Galifianakis.

Meanwhile, the best part of this new approach in cyberspace entertainment is that its fully-bearded and gorgeous Galifianakis tends to asks his guests some outrageous and bizarre questions which are frequently combined with a literary method that is universally termed as “non-sequitur”. Briefly, this particular methodology that is being adopted in a television shows does not make use of a specific plot or whatsoever to keep its interesting content more consistent from start to finish. Instead, a non-sequitur is a free-flowing kind of human interaction. In other words, it’s purely instinctive in nature. Going back, “Between Two Ferns” has marvelous episodes which are truly awesome to watch and be helplessly addicted into. Why is this so? Zach G. abruptly interrupts a guest, regardless of his or her status in society. The said annoying but funny gap between his invited celebrities’ words is being overtly done to irritatingly promote a product of their show’s sponsors. Nevertheless, “Between Two Ferns” is still the cyber show to beat nowadays. Among the nonsense products that he often endorses in a happy mood are: A brand of deodorant, a thrilling video game and the likes.

“Between Two Ferns” was intellectually taken from a motion picture that is literally impressive; but short. This was entitled, “The Right Now” The latter is a spin-off another comedy show, “The Death-Ray Live Show”. In their previous telecasts, “Between Two Ferns” had already tricked and played games with US President Barack Obama, Sean Penn and Hollywood’s sensation, Mel Gibson.

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