The blinding glare of showbiz is truly deceiving in nature. However, there are still too many people who still want to take a plunge into it despite of its dire consequences which are far beyond their honest expectations about it. Categorically, Beyond the Lights is a romantic film with a light touch of drama. This is a motion picture which revolves around the character of Noni.

Beyond the Lights is a romantic and drama film about love and the dirty world of showbiz.

Beyond the Lights is a romantic and drama film about love and the dirty world of showbiz.

She is a beautiful and irresistible recording artist who seemed to have reached the summit of stardom, of which she has always dreamed of. But the interesting twist of Beyond the Lights suddenly happened when she accidentally met a police officer that might change her life forever. His name is Kaz. Aside from being a law enforcer, he is an aspiring politician at the same time. As the days and months passed by, they have found them-selves in love with one another. In the said movie, the couple was always fighting from the very beginning of their romantic liaison. This film was directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, Apart from this, she had excellently megged another film which was entitled as Love and Basketball which was magnificently shown in 2011. Remarkably, Bythewood has made it certain that its really authentic in terms of its storyline. To date, those people who want to have a glimpse of it will see some familiar faces in the complex world of journalism, sports and entertainment. In essence, this captivating movie makes use of fun and entertainment to send an important message across the primary importance of self-worth in general.

Likewise, it centers on women empowerment and the beauty and power of true love. Meanwhile, this film has flawlessly characterized the emotional struggles of each and every character from start to finish. As for the main highlights of the film, it has meaningfully depicted the very core of the so-called genuine liberation. To date, Noni had become rebellious when everything gets out of hand. Speaking of itw fantabulous cinematic attacks, it had began with a grandeur and operatic moment which best complement the unexpected rebirth of the main character from the bondage of innocence to an indescribable kind of maturity. On the other hand, the downside of this film was when Noni was dressed as if she wanted to sell sex like a hot commodity in the streets. Nevertheless, it has tremendously made an unprecedented rebound by realistically showing the dark side of the music industry.

Like for instance, a famous rapper had made some shocking sexual assaults on the protagonist of Beyond the Lights. Luckily, Kaz came to her rescue like a superhero. To make it more appealing, it has been incorporated with a light dash of comedy. Despite of these much needed add ons, Beyond the Lights had deviated from the unwanted effects of overstuffing. Overall, this movie is highly recommended for adult viewing due to some scenes and languages which are not yet suitable for minors.

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