Heroism has always been a favorite theme in anime movies which had somehow made the author of this article to surmise, that there is no better way to instill its values and significance than through a powerful medium like the movies. Today’s review, focuses on the film Big Hero 6. This is an animated motion picture which was inspired by a timeless comic book story which are both best suitable for young and adults alike. Incidentally, this is the latest offering of Disney for 2014.

To aptly provide you with an honest-to-goodness review about this film, it is a computer-enhanced anime series which prominently contains an emotional plot along the way. As such, it does not have the conventional trademarks of Disney like those ear busting anthems, warbling critters and the likes. But, it has strongly established its own unique identity as a Walt Pixar film. Needless to say, every kid who should watch this must be thankful to the author of this story for Marvel Comics. To begin with, children of all ages will definitely fall in love with a new robotic character which goes by the name of Baymax. He is a white-colored and bouncy robot which can almost do anything under the sun, just like an ordinary human being. Characteristically, Baymax can squeak, waddle and fly as if everything seems to be under his dynamic control. Baymax takes the impressive voice of Scott Adsit.Therefore, the robot has an impeccably soothing voice quality.

The latest anime offering of Disney Big Hero 6, comes from Marvel Comics.

The latest anime offering of Disney Big Hero 6, comes from Marvel Comics.

This is a clear indicator that those robotic characters in the film had also evolved through the years. To define, cinematic gurus refer to this domineering improvement as an aspect of technological optimism. In the story, Baymax was creatively made to be the hippest healthcare companion in the world. Big Hero 6 is under the direction of Don Hall and Chris Williams respectively. Ideally, this cute and very engaging film opens itself to viewers with a frantic action scene which will provide its viewers as to what this film is all about. Content wise, it was concocted with a swaggering kind of humor that you can never underestimate in the real sense of the word. Best of all, this aims to teach young children that there is no such thing as a once upon kiddie kingdom.

Likewise, the movie has never failed to show the darkest side of human existence like illegal fighting activities which were marvelously portrayed by those adorable robots. On its downside, the varying robotic designs for each character might be extremely exaggerated. However, the totally tranquil presence of elemental pressures of Baymax had carried the film so well inside and out. Look at these versatilities of Baymax: It can be a stuffed animal, a human blanket and a cozy chair rolled into one. Overall, Big Hero 6 is highly recommended for all ages.

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