Riding a conventional bicycle is a different kind of a traveler’s experience for millions of bike lovers out there. It gives them an inexpressible kind of hype like no other. Currently, there is a tourism and an environmental advocacy of bike exploration to use bamboo bicycles when traversing the historical place like Intramuros. This was marvelously initiated by David Mcclelland who has been in the industry of bamboo bike making for several years now.

This is the newest bike exploration in Intramuros today.

This is the newest bike exploration in Intramuros today.

According to David Mcclelland, this unique kind of a bike exploration, does not only promote the ingenuity of a bike maker but in the same manner, it makes anyone to travel safely as much as possible. Likewise, it is less-polluted and provides a bike user to explore his or her own ideas on how to effectively use locally-made materials to a larger extent. Most importantly, a sturdy bamboo bicycle boosts the industry of bamboo in the Philippines.

Indeed, there is so much to discover about this type of bike exploration through the years without effecting any lethal danger on the environment as well as on the bike riders them-selves.


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