Every popular celebrity in both local and international stardom has to have his or her limits in terms of their personal lives. It is not because of privacy matters, but it is somewhat of those below the belt controversies which have negatively tainted their illustrious careers through the years. Bill Cosby, a world-renowned actor for more than a decade is no exception to this. In his twilight years, Cosby is still very much active in making those rare TV appearances in which he continued to exhibit his funny antics and even his serious side as a versatile actor.

Bill Cosby: Meme me.

Bill Cosby: Meme me.

Despite of having an extremely busy schedule he was allegedly accused of sexual assaults involving teenagers who are mostly 13 years old. In response to all these sensational issues which were hurled before him, the legendary funny man dared to tweet back,

Go ahead. Meme me!

In a more explicit fashion which is geared towards vindicating his name of all these nasty allegations, Bill Cosby further retaliated.

I’ve been accused of drugging and raping 13 women, a smiling vintage Cosby image was captioned. Others defaulted to creative use of Cosbese. Another extended a modicum of credit to the Bill Cosby official app: “At least the app asks for consent.

Some showbiz insiders have said that these tweets were not in any way posted by Bill Cosby him-self. Perhaps, it was courtesy of his PR man. Whatever the real score was, these painful issues have made Cosby to be in a temporary hibernation if this would be the appropriate term to be used. Finally, it is really a matter of choice for somebody like Bill Cosby. First and foremost, he wants to strongly prove his innocence at all cost. On the contrary, this last resort of Cosby could be a sign of guilt for his detractors. But then again, it is not for us to condemn a great performer like him. At the end of the day, his temporary leave of absence will give him an ample time to rethink about his options. In so doing, he will be able to repackage him-self as an institution in Hollywood rather than a person who has been thought otherwise. Indeed, showbiz personalities have their own shares of ups and downs just we all do. Over and above anything else, Bill Cosby needs some peace of mind nowadays.

At his age, he is earnestly longing for genuine comfort and happiness that can finally make him fulfilled inside and out. Let us not forget the fact that Hollywood icons are humans, too. Negative publicities are like knives and swords that will deeply wound their unblemished reputations in the long run. Whether these immoral talks are true or not, Bill Cosby will always remain a great and an honorable man to his family, friends and loyal fans forever.

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