The rich and famous personalities in this constantly changing world can rest, eat, sleep and enjoy the best things in life without worrying anything in terms of financial matters. Bill Gates, the famous founder of Microsoft Corporation will have no direct control of his multi-million dollar company shares in the last four years. However, the former honcho of Microsoft must keep up the percentage of his current company stakes. In retrospect, this generous and yet humble multi-billionaire had already sold almost 20 million dollars on a quarterly basis to his best buddy, Paul Allen. The business scheme that they had adopted and agreed upon is widely known as a pre-set trading plan.

Microsoft Corporation's Bill Gates will have no share in the said famous firm for four years.

Microsoft Corporation’s Bill Gates will have no share in the said famous firm for four years.

Just recently, Gates had been somewhat overpowered by Steve Ballmer, the firm’s former CEO who already retired a few months ago. He is now the largest shareholder of Microsoft Corporation. Based on the latest documents that has been released by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it has openly revealed that Gates has only an estimated share of $300 million; as compared to Balmer’s $330 million.

In the previous years, the confident former owner and president of Microsoft dearly owned 49 percent of its total stocks in 1986. This was the major reason why, he became an instant millionaire in no time. Likewise the unprecedented success of the world’s leading computer company has made him as The Richest Person in the World according to Forbes Magazine. Today, his total net worth is $77 billion. Profession wise, he remains to be as the computer firm’s technology adviser.

Conclusively, Bill Gates does not have to worry about anything. After all, he has left a lasting legacy in the lives of millions.- Convenience, versatility and flexibility. Imagine? with just a single click of your computer’s keyboard you can easily touch and commune with the rest of the world with a smile.

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