Billy Crawford and Coleen: There is Something between Us

| May 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

Singer and TV host Billy Crawford has finally admitted that there is something between him and his special girl whose name is Coleen. Crawford says that they are not officially on as romantic lovers but they have a kind of friendship that only them can ever comprehend. On the part of Coleen Garcia, she does want to rush on things that she is never certain of. At least, they are enjoying each other’s company without complications.

Will Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia become lovers?

Will Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia become lovers?

Moreover, Coleen Garcia has gamely asserted that she cannot tell when would be the exact time that they can become as couples. After all, it takes are the sweetest promptings of their hearts to finally conclude that Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are more than the best of friends.

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