Billy Joe Crawford Arrested for Malicious Mischief

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TV host Billy Joe Crawford was arrested and charged with malicious mischief after getting drunk and barged in into a police station in Taguig City last Sunday morning. He mysteriously demanded for his immediate detention even without apparent reasons. According to verified reports, Crawford had asked for a detention to be in a controlled environment. Police Inspector Jonathan Aribe said Billy Joe banged his body on a glass door of the said police station and it logically broke into tiny pieces.

TV host and singer Billy Joe Crawford was arrested for malicious mischief.

TV host and singer Billy Joe Crawford was arrested for malicious mischief.

Apart from this Billy Joe Crawford was in the same way charged with the following: Direct assault, disobedience to authority. However, his legal counsel has denied that he was indeed drunk during the incident. Further, the Taguig City Police Inspector said.

He wanted to be imprisoned and during that time, only two policewomen were there, adding that the other lawmen were out responding to a call for help, leaving Police Officers 1 Jasmin Sipagan and Rodelma Canao behind at the station.When the policewomen asked Crawford why he wanted to be detained, he told them, it’s none of your business.

When the authorities had tried appease Billy, he became wilder and even used his elbow to shrug of a policewoman inside the station. Due to his uncontrollable behavior, he was handcuffed and was immediately brought to the Philippine National Police in Camp Crame. There, he underwent a medical checkup. Afterwards Crawford readily apologized for the grave mistake that he had done. He said.

It was my fault but I did not hurt anybody. I did not push anyone. I did not hurt anyone but the glass,” he said, adding that he did not see anything wrong with his actions.
t was my fault for actually being aggressive. It’s a good thing it didn’t happen in a bar, it didn’t happen anywhere else. It happened in a precinct. The reason why is because I knew for a fact I needed to be in a controlled environment. So as I said, I really apologize to the officers if I said anything derogatory or anything else.

In addition, he said that stress has contributed a lot to his misdemeanor. Thus, he frankly admitted that he does not know how to hide his feelings when he gets angry. Celebrities like Billy Joe Crawford should always have in mind that as public figures they must learn how to handle stress in their daily undertakings to be able to preserve their good natured personalities for a lifetime.

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