Vice-President Jejomar Binay has temporarily postponed his very own State of the Country address to assist those victims of Typhoon Luis in key provinces such as Isabela and Cagayan respectively. A few minutes after the unexpected cancellation, numerous members of the media were all excited to hear the said speech of Binay. Along this line, he is all set to deliver his speech at the Philippine International Convention Center prior to the onset of this very tragic incident which horrifically affected the key provinces of Cagayan and other nearby provinces in the northern part of the Philippines. In an official statement of the Vice-President’s Office, it said.

The Vice President’s scheduled live address on issues raised during the Senate sub-committee hearings has been moved to later this week.

Vice- President Binay will deliver his State of the Country Speech soon.

Vice- President Binay will deliver his State of the Country Speech soon.

Furthermore, Binay has lovingly assured those countless victims of Typhoon Luis that their government will never abandon them in these trying times. In other developments, he has yet to answer those degrading issues about him about those alleged kickbacks that he had supposedly commissioned out from an overpriced building in Makati City during his dynamic and most admired incumbency as a Makati City Mayor.

If you can recall, Binay was accused of graft and corruption charges by his former vice-mayor. As a result, Senate President Franklin Drilon said that it all depends on Binay if will he attend the said Senate hearing or not. Going back to his much awaited speech, Remulla has time and again pointed out that Vice-President Jejomar Binay will deliver the said speech in due time. Furthermore, Remulla said:

Work continues for the Vice President amidst accusations against him and his family. Right now, his priority is the welfare of the people of Cagayan and Isabela, who are suffering from the onslaught of typhoon Luis.. The Vice- President plans to answer all allegations against him, point by point.

Jejomar Binay will surely have the best speech ever in the history of the Philippines, so that his beloved countrymen will be able to gauge his chances as the next President of the Philippines, two years from now.


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