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Stardom lies in the bloodstream of a much sought after teen heartthrob who never dreamed of becoming a popular celebrity, someday. Daniel Padilla only wanted simple but happy life. Thus, entering showbiz was too far from his mind. For his avid followers, here is a short but worth knowing life story of Daniel Padilla that will definitely inspire you to be patient and more persevering if you want to achieve something in life; which seems to be extremely far from reality. Daniel John Ford Padilla, was born on April 26, 1992 is currently engrossed in managing his own musical band, Parking 5. Padilla is now under contact under Star Magic and a certified Kapamilya star. Due to his determination to hone his craft to the fullest, he was chosen as the “Youngest Ambassador of OPM”. Who is Daniel Padilla on and off cam? Read on the succeeding sections of this awesome Entertainment article and get to know more of him very intimately.

Daniel Padilla never thought of being in the limelight. All he wanted was to have a simple life.

Daniel Padilla never thought of being in the limelight. All he wanted was to have a simple life.

Daniel Padilla is the son of character actor Rommel Padilla and Karla Estrada. Based on reliable sources, he did not want to be like her dad and mom or her Tito Robin Padilla, aka “The Bad Boy of Philippine Showbiz”. But, he was not able to escape the calling of a complex world like show business. Prior to his first movie, Daniel Padilla was just a normal teenager whose fervent desire was to be the best singer and band member in town. But her doting mother desires for a much brighter future for her child. So, she called up her cliques in showbiz and asked their help so that Daniel would someday become a “superstar” in his own right.

However, Daniel Padilla wanted to really take a different route and destiny. He did not make to the audition for new artist. Karla Estrada never surrendered. When the late Douglas Quijano visited their house, she sought his help as to how Daniel Padilla will make his showbiz launching in full blast. From there, Daniel Padilla’s life has never been the same again. His first-ever showbiz stint was in the year 2010, in a youth-oriented show, “Gimik 2010”. Subsequently, he sincerely played the role of Patrick Navarro in another teenage show, “Growing Up”.

After two long years, Daniel Padilla was groomed to be the youngest primetime actor in Pinoy Showbiz. To date, he was chosen to play a lead role in the romantic teleserye, “Princess and I” and eventually starred in the hit TV Series G2B “Got to Believe” with love team partner Kathryn Bernardo. Aside from this very unprecedented success of his, Daniel’s love for music remains to be in his heart and soul. On the 28th day of May, Daniel Padilla released his very first solo album, simply entitled, “Daniel Padilla”. The album has six beautiful songs including its carrier single, “Hinahanap-Hanap Kita”. His self-titled album was big success because it made 10,000 copies in just a couple of weeks.

Right now, Daniel Padilla is so busy with his various taping schedules because his daily primetime series, “Got To Believe” will soon end barely a month from now.

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