Millions of married couples out there will surely get the shock of their lives, if they would ever discover this very revealing health truth. In a recent scientific study, extensive researches have significantly revealed that if you are taking birth control pills, you are most likely susceptible to brain tumor development. According to a team of Danish researches, if you are taking birth control pills for five years and beyond, this could possibly double your risk or susceptibility to the deadly onset of brain tumor. However, this not just ordinary kind of brain cancer.

Birth control pills could cause brain tumors.

Birth control pills could cause brain tumors.

It is medically referred to glioma. Based on various experiments, it was found out that 300 women who had been diagnosed with glioma over the course of nine years, ultimately discovering that the women who were using progestogen-only birth control methods had a brain tumor risk that was 2.4 times higher as compared to the so-called control group. To validate these devastating findings, Dr. David Gaist, with Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark had said.

In a population of women in the reproductive age, including those who use hormonal contraceptives, you would anticipate seeing 5 in 100,000 people develop a glioma annually. This is an important contribution and we hope that our findings will spark further research on the relationship between female hormonal agents and glioma risk.

Insofar as the two fold risk of developing a tumor inside the brain, it generally states that

Oral contraceptive use influences the risk for certain cancers; however, few studies have examined any link with risk of central nervous system tumors. We investigated the association between hormonal contraceptive use and glioma risk among premenopausal women in a population-based setting.

Meanwhile, the neurosurgeons from the University of California in Los Angeles California a glioma is a type of brain tumor which primarily develops from a group of glial cells which are the main supports or anchor of our brain. These can rapidly develop and multiply and if this happens, a glioma will eventually result so suddenly. In lieu of this birth control pills and its adverse effects, the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health has further divulged that the minipill — the man-made progestogen-only oral contraceptive found to more than double brain tumor risk. On the contrary, there are some people who have been used to the use of these birth control pills and have strongly claimed that they have not experienced any adverse effects for several years. Aside from the rumored brain cancer, among the the other illnesses which are being brought about by contraceptives are ovarian and breast cancers respectively. Despite of these, others have positively proven that birth control pills improve one’s mood.


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