The Philippines’ elegant and impressive cultural arête from the very day that the Spaniards had conquered and predominantly ruled this enchanting archipelago, has significantly made an amazing impact to those prolific apostles of Filipino visual arts like Amorsolo and Jose Blanco. Jose Blanco is a genius Filipino painter who had passionately fell in love with his craft without any question. As a result, he patiently groomed his beauteous wife and adroit children to follow his footsteps no matter what it takes. Therefore, through his own sweat and blood, the Blanco Museum was born. Blanco’s most revealing characteristic to succeed, paved the way for the launching of their family painting exhibit back in the year 1978 at the National Museum of the Philippines.

Blanco Museum is the most colossal repository in Angono Rizal

Blanco Museum is the most colossal repository in Angono Rizal

As years passed, Maestro Jose Pitok Blanco had made a major decision which couuld possibly ruin his happy and fruitful life, He gave up his promising career as a painter.From then on, that wise decision of his changed their lives. As far as his painting methodologies are concerned, his works of art have meaningfully expressed and defined realism by means of these two major painting methodologies. First and foremost, this inexplicable seascape approached was further simplified by Maestro Jose Pitok Blanco when he strangely employed his immediate family as his focal subjects in all of his masterly art pieces. Next, Blanco realistically depicted the challenging personal experiences of their family through those jovial folk traditions. All of these painting approaches can be seem at the Blanco Museum.

Inside the glaring Blanco Museum, hundreds of thousands of spectators can personally witness that that the late Jose Blanco did not move away from temporal realities by focusing more on the various traits and characteristics of those people, who had shared him so much love and understanding to make his profession more flourishing and beneficial for his loved ones and country. Consequently, inside the sprawling Blanco Museum features the individualized galleries of each family member. Furthermore, another stunning pride of Jose and Michael Blanco are the endless beauty of their artworks which lie in the principles of human interactions and the world. During his late thirty’s Michael had his first one-man painting exhibit entitled, “Ivatans, People of the North”, which was held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. For more than 30 years, the famous Blanco Museum has structurally improved their family heirloom by adding more attractive designs and making this museum more spacious to house more than 400 Blanco Family paintings.

Meanwhile, for those who want to personally witness the timeless grandiosity of the Blanco Museum, everyone is cordially invited. All you have to do is to pay at least 70.00 pesos per head. In getting to the Blanco Museum, drive towards Ortigas Avenue. Then, you must shift your vehicle to the left going to Ortigas Extension. Afterwards, pass by the junction of Rossario. From a place that is referred to as Tikling, shift to the right side of the road. This is the Manila Eastrern Road. Pass by a grocery or a mall. Lastly, you will only walk just as few meters away. Not long afterwards, the amazing Blanco Museum will gladly welcome you with open arms.

Indeed, Angono Rizal, will never become the “Art Capital of the Philippines without the Blanco Museum which serves as a genuine national treasure of the country that should not be forgotten nor taken for granted by future generations, despite the countless innovations of Digital Age.

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  1. Michael Blanco says:

    Thank you very much po. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00 pm.

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