Beauty is constantly equated with the way your skin reflects itself inside and out. Experts on good grooming and fashion have said time and again that nothing compares to a blemish-free skin. Accordingly, this is the ultimate foundation of an ageless beauty that never withers no matter how many years had passed. Comparatively, beauty conscious individuals regardless of gender, country and social status are frequently adopting in principle the various skin secrets or regimens of famous celebrities thinking that these rituals or beauty products will make them even more attractive to everyone most particularly the opposite sex.

A blemish-free skin is more than just a beautiful YOU.

A blemish-free skin is more than just a beautiful YOU.

Little did they know that skin textures are totally different from one another. Therefore, its adoption would somehow pose dangers specially so if a particular user has sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the most common type of a skin blemish is an acne. Based on accurate statistical data this type of skin disorder is prevalent among individuals whose age brackets belong to 12-24 years old. On the average, it would have an approximate total of about 90%. Almost 50% of these were women and the remaining 40% were adult men. Now, have you ever wondered about the primary causes of skin blemishes? Let us find out.

Causes of Skin Blemishes

It has been said that hormonal imbalance is one of the main culprits of a not so attractive skin. Specifically, if your pH level goes out of bounce these skin nightmares will surely appear. Hence, the same thing goes to with the uncontrollable growth of bacteria due to the following: Careless touching of your skin though your hands are unsanitized and those harmful pollutants that surround us.

Natural Beauty Rituals for a Blemish-Free Skin

There are natural beauty treatments for you to achieve a clear skin. Initially, you can moisturize your skin by mixing carefully some carrots and honey. The ultimate benefit of skin moisturizers is to help you attain skin balance and some amounts of hydration. Most importantly, never forget to exfoliate regularly. In so doing, you can do away with your old skin and you will eventually have a new skin.

Best of all, you can make use of the following: Tea tree, willow bark, lavender and chamomile to name few. A tea tree has a powerful antiseptic that will excellently clear out your disturbing blemishes. Generally, a willow bark removes dead skin and tissues. It unclogs pores and is best recommended for oily skin. Lastly, a lavender has an inherent astringent and antibacterial property. It prevents redness and irritations. Thus, it also calms the skin. A blemish-free skin is not only for newborn babies. It’s also for adults who have childlike fantasies.

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