Blissful Sacrifice of Love: The unexpected meeting

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How much can a person sacrifice in the name and honor of true love? This relative question about loving a person is being enormously intensified by the “heart over matter”, rule of love. In other words, most people especially young and impulsive teenagers have become too irrational about their feelings and personal perspectives with respect to their love lives. Just like in this article , this is a story about a young and intelligent lady who had met her “true love” by coincidence. As their story unraveled, they had both faced and conquered the odds which were hurdled before and against them. In the end of the story, the two lovers of fate and destiny are optimistically hoping that one day, God will bring them back together till their last breath. “Will it happen in the near future?” Only the future can tell.

Welcome to the first installment of The Blissful Sacrifice of Love. It is a story about two lovers who defied all odds and courageously faced all challenges and obstacles that hinders their love.

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The Unexpected Meeting

The unexpected meeting of these two lovers took place in the busy street of Isetann, Recto in Manila, Philippines. It was on the 23rd of September of 2004 when Ralph and Riza, accidentally bumped with each other. After that funny incident, Ralph did not seriously mind it at all. For him, it was just a plain acquaintance and nothing more, so he went on his way. But, due to some strange reasons, this man who was simple-looking yet charming, went a back after a few minutes. He joined the company of Riza and her friends without formally introducing himself to the group. They went to a popular videoke bar named as “The Singer”. When they were all having fun singing their hearts out, the arrow of love suddenly struck Ralph. When the fun and the laughter were all over, Ralph in all friendliness offered to accompany Riza on her way home. Riza was dazzled by Ralph’s act of kindness and so she accepted his offer.

While riding in a jeepney, Ralph had gently asked for Riza’s mobile number. Riza, had learned to trust Ralph even-though she just knew him for a couple of hours. Without a doubt, she had given her number and from that day on-wards, they had become friends and text-mates. A couple of weeks had passed, Ralph gave Riza the most surprising moment of her life. Ralph had divulged his sincere intention of courting her including his dreams and aspirations for her. To show his sincerity, Ralph has formally presented himself to Riza’s family as her suitor. Upon knowing this, Riza’s heart leaped to the highest altitude of happiness and excitement. It was really unexpected that she even asked herself if her first encounter with Ralph is indeed “Love at first sight”. To her thrill and amazement, she finally said yes to Ralph.


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