Best films are rare to find. These are timeless classics which have made Hollywood the greatest treasure chest of those flicks which enigmatically signified the simplest realities or fictions about life. This film review focuses on one of the most magnificent works of art ever produced this year. Therefore, this interesting and versatile website has decided to make a critical review of the film, Bool of Life. Based on its prelude, this is all about a charming tribute to the colorful Mexican culture and its commemoration of the so-called Day of the Dead.

It was excellently directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez. This is a chronicle about three childhood friends namely, Manolo, Joaquin and Maria. These are about the romantic fates of people. In the same manner, there is a wager between two deities, who were blissfully married. Identifiably, they were La Muerte who oversees a place which was also known as the Remembered Land. Meanwhile, the other deity was named as Xibalba, the supreme leader of the Forgotten Land. Somewhere, somehow, it was something about a healthy competition between two exciting characters who ought to do anything just to win the hands of the desires of their hearts. Along this line, it had an awesome and much awaited promise which went like this. If Manolo La Muerte’s only champion will end up to be victorious in winning Maria’s hand, Therefore, Xibalba must be prevented from meddling in the different affairs of humanity. On the other hand, if Joaquin wins it is logical to say that he will lead the Land of the Remembered.

An animated film like The Book of Life has all the best cinematic components to become the best.

An animated film like The Book of Life has all the best cinematic components to become the best.

To keep you updated with the film’s wonderful characters, allow this article to describe their traits which made Book of Life more enticing to watch. First and foremost, there’s Manolo who from the very beginning always wanted to become a singer. In this very colorful and a wonderland of revelry and triumph, Joaquin seems to have the juiciest role of all, because he acts as a protector together with the one who was named as Macho. On the romantic side, there was Maria who was patiently waiting for the man of her dreams. She was raised in the defensive world of Kung Fu routines because of the fact that these were the techniques which were thought in the convents during the 19th century. Among the best highlights of the film were as follows: Manolo attempted to win Maria’s heart has also become one of the most unforgettable means to have an unforgettable Land of the Remembered. Conclusively, this award-winning film ends with a field trip in a museum by those kids who were aptly described as detention worthy

What is the X-factor of the Book of Life? Essentially, it is an incredible and stunning movie at the same time. Like for instance, the outrageous sequence in the Land Remembered had no pun intended and best of all, Book of Life is in rich and crisp 3-D color. Additionally, its plot is easily predictable sans the element of redundancy as in the other bankable films of the same kind. Overall, Book of Life is highly recommended for both kids and adults who are fond of remarkably made animations.

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