King of Talk Boy Abunda breaks his silence about his real medical condition after being in hiatus for a couple of months from showbiz limelight. For those of you who have missed him a lot, here is his full account of what he gone through. According to his shocking revelations in his own television show, The Buzz he had an excruciating headache and unbearable chills. Also, he said that he came to a point wherein he was grinding his teeth and even bit his lips while battling with convulsions.

TV personality Boy Abunda shares his experiences about his liver problem.

TV personality Boy Abunda shares his experiences about his liver problem.

Based on the results of his laboratory tests, he had abscess in his liver. After which, was immediately subjected to an aspiration procedure to remove those abscesses. This was where physicians will use a big needle to target the main cause of the problem. However, not all of those were eradicated. Therefore, he had to underwent an ultrasound procedure. Abunda said that those abscesses were approximately about 300 ml. As a human, he felt like God was sending him a message to be humble. Admittedly, Boy Abunda had acknowledged the fact that he became somewhat arrogant in his lifetime. Last August 23, he was finally discharged from Saint Luke’s Hospital.

Of all these challenges, Boy Abunda has learned to sincerely forgive everyone who are out there to destroy him in any way. In that heartwarming interview, he had the rare opportunity to thank all those people who have prayed for his immediate recovery. Above anything else, he thanked God for a new lease of life. Gladly, he said that he is on his journey to full recovery and might be doing his regular talk show again. Indeed, Boy Abunda was a fighter, He knew for fact, that his show here on earth is not yet over.

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