The unpredictable persona of Philippine politics has dynamically changed a lot for about decades now. It is quite too noticeable that almost all local celebrities want to have a taste of what it looks and how it feels to become a public servant. Evidently, the star-studded elections in the Philippines is still far from over. But, as early as now there are some famous TV personalities who presumably want to try their luck no matter how complex it is. Just like TV host and commercial endorser, Boy Abunda who has been rumored to run for a seat in the Senate two years from now.

TV host Boy Abunda is being prodded to run for a Senate seat in 2016.

TV host Boy Abunda is being prodded to run for a Senate seat in 2016.

For those of you out there who do not know more about this intellectually-stimulating person, Boy Abunda is a prolific TV personality who hails from the province of Samar As far as his illustrious career is concerned, he is one of the most sought after television hosts today because of his inherent articulateness on and off cam. Among his top rating shows are: Bottomline with Boy Abunda, Aquino and Abunda and Abunda Tonight. As such, he is known to be as the King of Talk Show in Philippine Television. Moreover, he is a multi-awarded television host because of his wit and candidness in asking the most sensitive questions to all of his guests.

Speaking of his educational background, Boy Abunda has successfully earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Arts. According to his showbiz colleagues, he is really exceptional in the field that he knows best. Politically, Abunda said that he has no plans of running for a public office just like a senate seat. However, Alex Brosas has said that Boy might again reconsider his options because of a social media ad which goes something like this. Abunda2016. This particular ad aims to test the viability of the male TV host into the complex world of Philippine politics.

Along this juncture, many of Abunda’s supporters believe that he is a man with no vested interests and therefore he is best suitable run for a public office. Thus, if that’s going to be the case Boy Abunda would like to settle for a local position instead. But then again, there are reports that claimed that he is now setting his eyes on a national position in 2016.

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