Boy Abunda Hospitalized, Goes on Leave

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The most articulate host of Philippine Showbiz goes on leave from his numerous television commitments after getting hospitalized because of a liver abscess. Boy Abunda is now in the process of recovery according to his attending physician in an undisclosed infirmary here in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Kris Aquino further disclosed that Boy Abunda had a high fever which immediately prompted the TV host to seek medical attention immediately. After his medical treatment, he will go on a vacation in a private hideaway where no one can ever disturb his peace and happiness until such time that he fully recuperates from his alarming condition. Prior to that medical predicament of his, Boy is a co-host of Kris Aquino in their late night talk show, Aquino and Abunda Tonight.

TV host Boy Abunda goes on leave after a medical treatment.

TV host Boy Abunda goes on leave after a medical treatment.

The TV host is an advocate of good governance, which in turn made him a loyal supporter of President Aquino. Likewise, he is being prodded to run for a Senate seat in 2016. Although he might not seem to have a political inclination, Boy is trying his best to help his country in the most unique ways. Meanwhile, his longtime partner Bong Quintana was offered by President Aquino with a government post. Given the chance to serve the Philippines, he sweetly desires to serve his hometown in Borongan, Eastern Samar. As a person, he loves to dream big about the best things in life.

Thus, he dearly loves his mother so much because she was the only woman on earth that inspires him to achieve more in life regardless of who he is. Her love has amazingly made Boy to reach for the stars in his entire lifetime. Abunda says that his mom had accepted him without reservations. Now, Boy Abunda has magnified his life with love and contentment without fear.

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