Boy Abunda Unfolds Personal Life

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It is not easy for a celebrity to unfold his personal life for the sake of public knowledge. It entails an immeasurable amount of braveness, a little dash of candidness and all sorts of things which make the life of a popular TV personality more exciting and yet somehow complicated. In the case of an articulate TV host like Boy Abunda there is no reason for him to hide anything from the public because his life is as colorful and romantic just like the inspiring story of Cinderella. To begin with, Abunda says that he had indeed a happy childhood despite of that he is really different inside and out.

TV host Boy Abunda never regrets about anything in life.

TV host Boy Abunda never regrets about anything in life.

He further divulged that he came to a point where he had to assert dual roles of both a male and a female by heart respectively. For instance, he had to play karate with his male friends. On the other hand, he loved to do some fashionable statements for his female classmates. In the early days of his life, he happily grew up where every citizen has a macho image including some Waray women. According to Abunda, the first seven years of his life where productively spent in Baruk, Eastern Samar prior to his migration in Borongan. Speaking about his gender, he knew early on that he belonged to the third sex. Also, he fairly admitted that he played games which were specially meant for the boys, except for basketball. Thus, that was his biggest insecurity in life because it was sign of being effeminate. Gender wise, he further added.

I never pretended to not be who I was, meaning I was not reprimanded because I was effeminate….I never came out to my mother or my father. They didn’t sit me down, pull me aside and ask about my sexuality. Things just happened.

Abunda’s Controversial Love Life

As far as his romantic side is concerned, Abunda says that he is so much contented with his partner Boy Quintana. To continue he said,

Bong is just so loved by Nanay and by my family…It was more difficult on Bong’s side because Papa was a proud police officer. The irony is that at first I wouldn’t go to Bong’s house because I didn’t want to put Bong in a predicament where he wouldn’t know what to do because he was raised in an extremely macho, athletic family.

Boy Abunda is really one of the most admired personalities in the vibrant world of local entertainment today. Whatever and wherever he is now reveals the greatest performance of his life then and now.

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