Traveling entails the need to enrich oneself with new and fruitful experiences which clearly define what life’s surprises are all about. Although this rewarding recreational activity is literally expensive in its strictest sense, every eager and well-rounded voyager must not forget about the sweetest reality that there are also breathtaking and jovial festivals which are indeed amazing and worth seeing without uttering any word. It is nice to note that there are remarkable places across the globe, which will never ever leave our hearts and minds through the years. Let us begin to imaginatively circumnavigate these countries at the comforts of our homes for us to become inspired to personally have a glimpse of them in the not so distant future.

New Year's celebration in Sydney, Australia.

New Year’s celebration in Sydney, Australia.

The New Year’s Day Celebration at Australia’s Sydney Harbor is one of the biggest and most grandiose celebrations the world over because every year, there are almost 1 billion people are in attendance. As for its fireworks galore, they incredibly weigh an approximate of 7 tons, they have 11 shells 100,000 pyrotechnic effects and even those artificially- made comets complete this celebration to the hilt. Have you ever been to Harbin Ice and Snow, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China? Well, if you have the time and the pleasure to do so it would be one of the most engrossing, yet breathtaking and jovial festivals that you must not dare miss at all. It’s main highlight is its annual Winter Festival which historically began in 1963, just in time for the Harbin’s Ice-Lantern Show and Garden Party. While you are there, you will have a glimpse of the best sculptures in the world.

Apart from these, you will be given the once in a lifetime chance to do the following: winter swimming as well as the spine-quivering alpine skiing among others. Next in line, is the Carnival of Venice. Significantly, this meaningful and historic festival impressively signifies the varying masks we wear. Descriptively, it culminates upon the onset of the Lenten Season among Christian nations. Meanwhile, it has been asserted that this had commenced in 1162. Although there had been lulls in its commemoration, it was again revived to become of the world’s breathtaking and jovial festivals that you will fall in love all over again a thousand times over.

Moreover, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival will vividly bring back the most exciting memories of our childhood. Its celebration was first held in 1723. Today, its magnificent floats, upbeat music alongside with its millions of party lovers had made this event more intriguing over the years. These breathtaking and jovial festivals have resonated the undeniable fact that the
million-dollar world of international tourism will never be the same again without these marvelous breathtaking and jovial festivals worldwide.

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