How would you want to deal with death if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Death is an inevitable reality that we all have to face with an immeasurable ounce of courage every single day. Generally, it comes like a thief in the night whose out to get you without a warning. Let our interesting website share with you a heartwarming story about a beautiful woman who is happily married and who has always thought that life would be good and kind to her throughout her lifetime. Brittany Maynard who is currently an active advocate of the so-called end of choice organization in Portland, Oregon has been diagnosed with brain cancer says that she wants to die with dignity and there’s no turning back to what she wanted to do with the remaining years of her life.

Brittany Maynard wants to die with dignity, after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Brittany Maynard wants to die with dignity, after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Brittany Maynard has been married for about a year. At 29, she and her hubby were trying their best to have a wonderful family of their own. But their fruitful plans for a brighter tomorrow were shattered by her incurable and debilitating ailment which she had devastatingly found out on New Year’s Day. From then, on their lives were never been the same again. Simply because, they were frequenting visits to a hospital for her much needed medical treatment. According to her doctors, Brittany has a malignant tumor inside her brain as revealed by several the previous surgeries that she had gone through to stop the continuous growth of that very disturbing tumor. In April, the tumor got worse. Therefore, she was only given about half a month to live and enjoy life.

Despite of this unwelcoming development about her state of health, Brittany was again advised by her doctors to undergo an extremely dangerous medical treatment of a full radiation therapy with an optimistic belief that the tumor will gradually shrink in time. However, Brittany Maynard has conducted her very own research about it. Here’s what she had found out. During those excruciating radiation therapy sessions, cancer patients will have first degree burns on their scalp. Over the years, the feelings of hopelessness and depression were slowly grappling her heart and soul. One day, she came across with a mysterious phrase, death with dignity. To define, it is simply an organization which makes use of certain medical aid for a terminally-ill patient to die in no time.

In this kind of process, a patient with a terminal disease can ask for a prescription in relation to a kind of medication that can speed up a person’s dying process if his or her pain becomes too difficult to bear. In short, she was able to meet the pertinent requirements for the death with dignity option. Admittedly, she took these life taking medication for a couple of weeks. It is all because she wanted to die on her own terms. For Brittany Maynard, to die with dignity is a tremendous sigh of relief. Best of all, it provides her a kind of peace that can never be dominated by fear, pain and uncertainty.

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