Love is a blissful feeling that is very much inevitable. It sweetly knocks inside our heart at the right place and time. But what if we will eventually suffer a broken heart? Could it take a toll on our health? Well, let this article provide you with a straight answer that is actually based from the accurate scientific researches of experts. Yes, brokenhearted people could die early if they will not recover from their melancholic situation. According to the scientists from the University Birmingham in UK, this is also true when you are in grief because of your loved one’s death. To be more specific a broken heart can stress the immune system which can lead to your untimely demise. Significantly, stress hormones do attack our immunity when everything gets out of hand because of an unrequited love.

UK researchers have found out that if you are brokenhearted, death is underway.

UK researchers have found out that if you are brokenhearted, death is underway.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anna Phillips, a researcher in the same university has this to say about the direct relationship of being brokenhearted to ones sudden mortality.

I believe it is the answer to why we sometimes see wives and husbands dying soon after the death of a spouse, who is their main social support. They are not dying of a broken heart, but the effect the stress is having on their immune function.

Primarily, many people are becoming brokenhearted because they lovingly regard their significant others as the greatest connections in the world. Scientifically, it has been concluded that those husbands and wives who usually sleep together their hearts are amazingly described as totally synchronized with one another. This is the major reason why some couples are mysteriously dying in each other’s arms. This was according to the study which which was conducted by the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California.

To wrap up, if anyone of you is brokenhearted nowadays always remember that your health must not be treated as a sacrificial lamb. God has fruitfully blessed us with a kind of existence that is truly abundant and satisfying. Therefore, we must never get tired of searching for the RIGHT ONE, until destiny finally nurses your broken heart.

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