China’s major towns and cities seems to be in extreme isolation these days, after the dreaded and lethal bubonic plague hit the country which in turn has brought forth the immediate quarantine of not more than 151 people, after a man suddenly died of the said infamous epidemic since last week. Accordingly, an estimated 30,000 residents who are peacefully living in Yumen specifically in the northwestern section of Gansu province are not permitted to leave their homes. To date, police authorities have blocked those so-called roadblocks which lead to a specific perimeter. In effect, motorists have been advised to find other routes for their utmost safety.

Just recently, a man died so suddenly due to bubonic plague.

Just recently, a man died so suddenly due to bubonic plague.

Moreover, a 38-year old casualty of the mysterious bubonic plague was said to have found a dead marmot that lives on lush grasslands and which is most likely similar to a squirrel. After which, he cut it into tiny pieces and gave it to his pet dog. Consequently, the victim has developed a fever on that same day. A few days later, he never recovered from his worsening condition and unfortunately died last Wednesday. Despite of this escalating epidemic, the Chinese government has reassured the public that there are adequate supplies of flour, rice and oil for all its residents for exactly a month. This welcoming development was divulged by the China Central Television.

Generally, a bubonic plague is an infectious disease which is caused by a deadly bacteria found in fleas. This is mainly caused by a bacteria that is scientifically termed as Yersinia pestis. Based on significant findings, this life threatening disease can kill almost two- thirds of individuals if left unattended. Meanwhile, this term is derived from the Greek etymology which means groin. Commonly, the most evident signs and symptoms of a bubonic plague are: Extreme infection of the lymph gland, seizures, gangrene in different body parts such as a person’s lips, toes and fingers, high fever as well as muscle cramps.

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