Mother Nature’s wrath is here again. A treacherous Buffalo storm is raising its havoc on the said state. The snow that it had created was estimated at around eight feet in just a span of three days. Since its lethal onset, it has made the state a disastrous one considering the fact that it had caused more than five feet of snow on the ground. On Thursday and Friday, it will cause some alarming environmental problems because it is expected that more snows are coming. In effect, everyone has to take heed of those conventional precautionary measures each time a natural calamity suddenly happens. According to weather forecasters, the average and estimated snowfall in Buffalo for one whole year is only 93.6 inches. In relation to this, Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

This is a historic event. When all is said and done, this snow storm will break all sorts of records, and that’s saying something in Buffalo.

Indeed, there is no better way for us escape God’s anger as ravishing as a Buffalo snow that will make us realize of our own mistakes toward Mother Earth. Imagine this. for the second straight day all 50 states had an overnight temperature which was said to be at its lowest when it hit its freezing point. Even Hawaii was not exempted from this kind of an environmental dilemma which can never be clearly explained by modern science. It even hit the summit of Big Island’s Mount Kea. Speaking of its casualties, it was reported by different news agencies that there were at least seven casualties in New York. In other developments, there were different gauges of freezing temperatures which were accurately recorded by authorities. The indescribable Buffalo snow had made New York’s average freezing temperature at 22 degrees, Raleigh NC at 19 and Jacksonville had it share of 27 degrees.

Buffalo snow storm is deadlier than an Ebola virus.

Buffalo snow storm is deadlier than an Ebola virus.

In the beginning, Buffalo storm had begun in the bosom of the beauteous Lake Eric. On Tuesday, it had trapped more than 100 vehicles along the 132 mile stretch of New York State Thruway. The latter has remained close for public use since Wednesday. Some areas which were gravely affected by this spine-tingling incident had needed the assistance of road crews so as to manage the snows which were scattered all over the place. According to them, they were like plowing a brick in the middle of the road. Similarly a , bus load of Niagara University women’s basketball team got stranded on the Thruway for more than 24 hours. They had a game somewhere in Pittsburgh when the incident happened. Finally, they were all picked up from a nearest police station after the incident. The last time that Buffalo was hit by a snowstorm was in December of last year. Will this Buffalo snow ever create a trending sensation via the Internet in the coming days?

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