A fruitful and worth discovering journey of every human’s rendezvous with culture and people. It is an immeasurable expression of how enormous the treasures of Mother Nature are. In the Philippines, there are lots of exclusive and extravagant beach resorts that continue to mesmerize millions of tourists the world over despite of the fact that there are many economic challenges in its midst today. The engaging Buri Spa and Resort is being managed and operated by Asia’s Unique Resort and Alliance.

The glamorous Buri Resort and Spa in Puerto  Galera.

The glamorous Buri Resort and Spa in Puerto Galera.

Ultimately, the splendid crown jewel of Puerto Galera is actually a beach resort, spa and boutique rolled into one. As far as its strategic location is concerned, it is remarkably in front of the vast and seductive Puerto Galera Bay. Over the years, this timeless beach resort has exceptionally undergone a much needed renovation. In fact, the Buri Spa and Resort is now explicitly equipped and ornamented with high-quality bamboo and nipa hut materials making it more appealing more to its ever growing clientele. In addition, this duly recognized and accredited by the Department of Tourism as one of the best tourist vacation havens in the Philippines today. Among its best features are the following: Buri Spa, and 12 personalized villas which are fabulously patterned after the traditional “bahay kubo” among others. Culturally, a “bahay kubo” is a native abode of a simple and hardworking Filipino which has been globally-recognized as a byproduct of the national identity, creativity and ingenuity of their Malayan ancestors. Aside from these unforgettable features, the one and only pride of Mindoro is one of the most sought after social rendezvous for those simple to elegant weddings all-year round. It is due to its amazing landscapes that will make everyone say that truly, Filipino architecture is the greatest legacy of an artisan to Philippine Visual Arts. In the succeeding sections, get to know more about the different types of accommodations at Buri Resort.


Buri Beach Resort and Spa is proud to introduce the most modern and lavish kinds of accommodations while you are at the cradling and loving arms of this NO.1 resort in Puerto Galera. To begin with, these posh hotel rooms are well-endowed with those streamlined kinds of architectures which intricately speak of the unparalleled artistry of the world’s best engineering gurus that can never be replicated by anybody else. Inside each room is a free of charge and an easy to access Wi-Fi connection that is available to everyone 24/7. Generally, their villas are mainly classified into three distinctive types: The Buri Villas, Family Villas and the Garden Villas respectively.

A Buri Villa accommodation.

A Buri Villa accommodation.

  • Buri Villas- These are dubbed as the largest villa among these three types of accommodations, of this opulent beach resort in the country. Characteristically, they have been magnificently embodied with a queen-sized bed which has four poster beds on its lower level. For a more romantic ambience, these chateaus have reception and sitting areas on its uppermost chamber. Amazingly, these parts of the villas can be converted into as a second nook just in case if you have extra guests to join your fun, excitement and adventure in this wonderland of pleasure and endless explorations. Apart from these features, the villas of Buri are exquisitely coupled with the following amenities: These are: Dual bathrooms, a private and small pool, a fully-replenished mini-bar, and a 32-inch flat-screened television with 32 satellite channels
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  • Family Villas- These accommodations at Buri, are especially meant and designed for those families with more members to tag along with. As for its exquisite features, these are as follows: Comfy queen-sized beds, two-storey accommodations, 3 single beds in the uppermost part of the villa, balcony and a huge television set with HD resolution
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  • Garden Villas- These are the types of villas, which have single decks of accommodations. Ideally, these are perfectly suited for those newly-weds who do not want to spend much for their honeymoon if they have limited budgets. For your utmost satisfaction and convenience, these are beautifully subdivided into two types of accommodations: These are the Dahlia and Vanda Garden Villas respectively. Briefly, Dahlia has a beautiful landscaped garden. Likewise, it has a tub which has been lovingly designed with a kind of landscape that you have never seen before. On the other hand, the Vanda Villa has a much larger bathroom and balcony which provides any occupant to have a chance to visually commune with the wonderful cove of Puerto Galera
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Grab this once in a lifetime chance to experience and enjoy their modern facilities like: Barbecue and Picnic area, infinity swimming pool, water sports and other recreational activities.

Getting There

Since this is an exclusive vacation paradise, every tourist has the freedom and privilege to reach this place in the most convenient and special way. To do so, you can simply log on to their website. Its www.-buri-resort.com/location. Interestingly, this tourist spot is easily reached via a private boat. The said fantastic mode of transportation is exclusively catered by the safe and secured Pier of Muelle. However, for your utmost satisfaction you can send in your pertinent inquiries through their official e-mail address at [email protected] Now, to avoid those unwanted inconveniences you can send them an advanced notification as far as your forthcoming trip is concerned.

Would you like to have that exceptional kind personal indulgence that you have not ever experienced before? Come and join the fun at Buri Resort and Spa this summer, and make a major difference in your leisure and travel escapades for the rest of your life.

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