There is so much to know more about the essentials of the so-called caffeine additives in health supplements. However, there are some products which do not contain such information. According to a medical doctor in the person of Dr. Pieter Cohen, from the Harvard Medical School there are millions of consumers who are literally clueless with respect to the must know facts of those medications, of which should be a primal responsibility of pharmaceutical firms worldwide. Based on the medical studies that they had conducted along with with 31 other medical practitioners, they had positively identified the presence of caffeine in almost 31 health supplements. These are commonly sold in military bases. On the other hand, only eleven of these oral medications do not have any caffeine at all. In other developments, they had also concluded that only nine of these overall wellness medicines have been labeled with accurate caffeine information no more, no less. As far as the remaining health-enhancing supplements are concerned, this primal requisite is nowhere to be found.

These are only some of the popular health supplements which has caffeine.

These are only some of the popular health supplements which has caffeine.

Along this juncture, if there are some health supplements that have been found to be as properly labeled their caffeine additives’ percentages are extremely high which range from 210 to 310 milligrams per capsule or per serving of any supplementary diet regimen. Effects wise, medical experts have said time and again that too much caffeine intake causes panic attacks.

Also, Dr. Cohen has this to say.

Laws for regulating supplements are inadequate, but that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also isn’t doing a good enough job enforcing the labeling regulations that do exist.

In addition to this, he further said.

That non-military members also avoid supplements that list caffeine on the label – since it’s hard to know just how much of it they actually contain.

In the final analysis, the longstanding debates about caffeine additives in health supplements must be extremely regulated as soon as possible so as not to jeopardize the health of millions most specially of those people who belong to the senior citizen populace. Thus, this particular substance must be included in a health supplement’s composition provided that it has to be in adequate amounts.

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