The profound and priceless cultural awakening of any nation is somehow beautifully personified by the different museums in the Philippines. One of which, is the Cagsawa National Museum in Bicol. The vast land where Cagsawa National Museum has been erected was a wholehearted donation by the municipal government of Cagsawa, to the National Museum of the Philippines in 1981. This was courtesy of a Good Samaritan in the person of Severino Listana.

The famous artifacts of Cagsawa National Museum.

The famous artifacts of Cagsawa National Museum.

He was an active civic-oriented individual who had an unwavering respect for the colourful world of Philippine Arts and Culture. Incidentally, this is known as the the third largest national archive in the region when one speaks of its distinctive architectural morphology and huge land area. As a result, it is currently considered as one of the best tourist attractions in Bicol. Historically, it was inaugurated on he 30th day of October, 1992. Surprisingly, this historic and posh repository in Cagsawa houses the different types of geological rocks such as sedimentary, plutonic, metamorphic and volcanic.

Also, it takes pride in presenting some of the extraordinary collections of numerous minerals that are only found in the Philippines like non-metallic and metallic types, fossilized shells and tektites. Similarly, there are also porcelain and precious stone wares that constantly remind the eager visitors of this museum that Region V is not just a charming enclave of the best and spicy cuisines in the Philippines; but it has a very engrossing tourist spot which timelessly shares the most irreplaceable treasures of the Bicolanos. There are zoological artifacts which made this repository even more appealing to both kids and the young at heart. Accordingly, this has been divided into three major sections namely: The Geological, Ethnographical and the Archaeological departments.

Bicol is not only famous because of Mayon Volcano. It also has the Cagsawa National Museum.

Bicol is not only famous because of Mayon Volcano. It also has the Cagsawa National Museum.

Meanwhile, the third storey of this colossal repository has been made more spacious so that all the other museum articles which were carefully excavated from Region V’s different provinces are lovingly preserved in this outragreous museum in Cagsawa.

Visiting Hours

The Cagsawa National Museum opens daily from Mondays to Fridays, between 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. only. However, during weekends and holidays visiting hours are being scheduled by appointment.

Getting There

To reach your final destination, you personally can choose from these three prominent bus companies that can safely bring you to your final destination. These are Five Star, Philippine Rabbit and Victory Liner. Conversely, it would approximately take every traveler about five to six hours of travel time from Metro Manila.

The Philippines’ admirable and endless appreciations for her very interesting rendezvous with her regional national treasures, had proudly given her a shimmering cultural prestige which remains to be unmatched, expressive and eternally overflowing with prolific surprises to last for another thousand years. Therefore, getting to Cagsawa National Museum means the comprehensive unravelling of a mystifying and yet significant bottom line as regards to Bicol’s greatest legacy to Philippine history; to be intricately explored and eventually be utilized for the benefit of those younger and future generations who ought to discover more about this future archipelago.

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