California was suddenly jolted by a 6.0 magnitude quake last Sunday. The epicenter of this shocking natural disaster was at nine miles on the southern section of Napa. As a result, numerous winemakers got nervous and has checked their business establishments time and again after that extremely devastating California earthquake. According to verified reports, those huge wineries in Napa Valley were not totally wrecked. The quivering California quake has resulted in having 120 injuries. Likewise, there were many concrete and historic buildings which tumbled down like paper dolls.

The California quake which has a magnitude of 6.0 made this supermarket a mess.

The California quake which has a magnitude of 6.0 made this supermarket a mess.

Further, the said natural calamity had also triggered power outrages in almost all the major cities of California. The 6.0 magnitude California earthquake suddenly struck at around 3:20 in the morning. Due to that very surprising wrath of Mother Nature, Gov. Gerry Brown has declared a state of emergency. As far as those huge structures are concerned, most of them are classified as uninhabitable. Meanwhile, some schools in Napa Valley were closed down the next day. For safety measures, there were some buildings which had been classified as red tagged. It is because of the fact that there were major damages found. Approximately, there were about 15 to 16 of these structures which are to be repaired in the soonest time possible. According to the US Geological Survey, it was the largest California quake ever to hit Napa Valley which is near in San Francisco.

Ironically, a few minutes after the tumultuous earthquake in California the festive mood within and around the area continued. During the earthquake, Napa Valley was like a raging inferno as fire hit the area without any sign of remorse. According to authorities, there were about 64,000 people who do not have any power supply. Indeed, the nerve shaking California earthquake is the inevitable Voice of Mother Nature.

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