What are the real causes of diabetes? There were countless scientific researches that have been scientifically documented as far as the real causative factors of this metabolic disorder is concerned. Quite a number of reasons are the following: High percentage of sugar in a patient’s bloodstream, improper kind of diet and sometimes it was strictly linked to stress. . But now, there are recent medical researches which have said that this dreaded ailment is somehow primarily caused by an individual’s continuous exposure to heavy metals. Yes, you heard it right. The very moment that you are most likely exposed to this kind of body toxins; your chances of having diabetes miletus is not impossible to happen. Based on the recent statistical research data that was released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),the incidence of diabetes has dramatically surged from 1991-2001.

Recent scientific researches have revealed that heavy metals can cause diabetes.

Recent scientific researches have revealed that heavy metals can cause diabetes.

In the said experiment, those goal-driven scientists have found out the veracity of this conclusive finding was through the use of a test tube in living organisms as well as those varying human subjects. Among those leading heavy metals which are said to be as causative factors of different illnesses are the following: Arsenic, cadmium, mercury and nickel respectively. According to these researches, these harmful components tend to deplete the production of zinc in a person’s body. To expound, here’s what the doctors have to say in consonance with the debilitating condition of diabetes.

The studies that compared the levels of essential trace elements in biological samples of patients who have diabetes mellitus type 2, with those of nondiabetic control subjects, have suggested that deficiency and accumulation of some essential trace metals may play a role in the development of diabetes mellitus,

In summary, here are the negative effects of these heavy metals in our bodies most specially on the part of diabetics. Although it is so unfortunate to hear, what matters most is that we should all be aware of this crucial health concern which could possibly claim more lives if these are not immediately addressed.

  • Arsenic can cause oxidative stress and a patient’s resistance to insulin.- For your information, it is a highly toxic kind of metal that easily dissolves in water, when it is absorbed by plants and the most prominent kinds of root crops. If this happens, anyone could possibly get peripheral vascular diseases, it can also endanger our excellent ability to fight our insulin resistance. Meanwhile, an oxidative stress pertains to a kind of impediment to properly perform the metabolic processes of glucose.
  • Cadmium prevents the release of insulin and it damages our insulin receptors.- It accumulates in the vital organs of the body just like the liver. In the long run, it will slowly damage a person’s organ tubules. Consequently, it will block the body’s calcium re-absorption which will eventually lead to bone loss.
  • Mercury increases the urine glucose levels of patients, who had been victims of mercury poisoning.
  • Trace minerals’ inadequacy will bring about the sudden emergence of diabetes.- This means to indicate, that if an individual has large amounts of toxic wastes in the body but it has no necessary nutrients within, there is a tendency that the helpless victim will be suffering from chronic diabetes in the long run.

These heavy metals that we use and see everyday are one of the most lethal sources of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. What seems to be the best thing to do right now, is to see to it that there are approved health safety standards for each country in connection with the regulation of its usage to safeguard the health and welfare of every population that early comprises a given nation.

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