The once exceptional stress reduction techniques or principles have a new twist, which dumbfounded the medical fora. It is indeed surprising to note and discover that the marvelous stress reduction techniques are currently on a hot seat after medical experts have found that these coping mechanisms of stress can induce migraine attacks. Based on a recent medical study of a controversial doctor in the person of Dr. Richard Lipton, of Montefiore Headache Center and the vice-chair of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, his newly-discovered scientific fact has a shocking revelation for everyone out there.

The once exceptional and effective stress reduction technique has new twist to say.

The once exceptional and effective stress reduction technique has new twist to say.

Based on this recent scientific development, this study demonstrates a striking association between reduction in perceived stress and the occurrence of migraine headaches, Lipton said in a college news release. In retrospect, other scientific researches have found out that those numerous techniques on how to minimize stress are of great help in alleviating migraine attacks. Before everything goes out of bounds, Dr. Lipton has strikingly defended his theory by stating that,

During the first six-hour period in which high stress starts to dissipate, the risk for experiencing a migraine increases fivefold.

More so, Dr. Richard Lipton and his equally-brilliant colleagues have said that their controversial theory on stress reduction has something to do with the unpredictable surge and decline mode of the human body’s stress hormones’ levels. Since the onset of the said experiment, he has utilized 17 people who are suffering from migraine attacks. As part of his unusual scientific observation, he also critically observed the sleeping habits of his subjects as well as their emotional states. Thus, Dr. Dawn Buse had come up with this soon to be uncontested statement.

It is important for people to be aware of rising stress levels and attempt to relax during periods of stress rather than allowing a major buildup to occur.

In closing, those conflicting scientific findings about stress reduction have only only proved one unthinkable truth. Nothing is permanent in this world except change.

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