The fast and furious world of expensive and sporty cars, down to those vehicles which are used by car racers and ordinary people will never be the same again with the sudden demise of Car Talks Tom Magliozzi, who had been blissfully blessed with a life that’s full and which was filled with faith in the Lord for almost 77 years. He terribly suffered some of the worst complications of Alzheimer’s disease. During his heydays, he became world renowned with his equally amazing brother whose name is Ray. At first, their onscreen names were Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers on the weekly car -oriented show.

Car Talks Tom Magliozzi died from Alzheimer's disease

Car Talks Tom Magliozzi died from Alzheimer’s disease.

Aside from making the latest car reviews in town, they shared the brighter sides life with their cute not so sarcastic jokes. But the most interesting about Magliozzi was the fact that he was able to carry the whole show without overdoing those sincere and easy to do advices for those car enthusiasts who are oftentimes anxious with their car related woes each week. Aside from a TV show with an intriguing title, Magliozzi writes a column for Buffalo News with the same title. On a personal note, the dynamic duo were proud graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge.

Prior to this, they had decided to put up a car repair business over th4 years. It has been named as the Hacker’s Heaven. By nature, this is a DIY car repair shop during the early years of the 1970’s. But as the said business entity became household name, another one of the same kind was put up too. They unanimously dubbed it as the Good News Garage. Magliozzi’s innate versatility in both broadcasting and business was put to a test when he was offered a radio program on WBUR to be one of much sought after car mechanics on radio. From then on, his wings had started to spread and soar high like an eagle. In fact, Car Talk had been a phenomenal radio show in 2012.

Hence, to be able to sustain their staying power and be more evident in the years to come they had to reinvent the usual format of the radio program by giving their millions of listeners wrong answers to their delight across the globe. Who is Tom Magliozzi as person? Well, he is one celebrity with a very infectious laughter. In lieu of this, Doug Berman had this to say for the late Tom Magliozzi.

I’d just hear this laughter. And then there’d be more of it, and people would sort of gather around him. He was just kind of a magnet.

At the time of his sweet and tranquil death, his persevering brother once remarked.

It’s with great sadness that I have to report to you guys the passing of your longtime radio companion and my older brother, Tom, who died this week from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. We can be happy that he lived the life he wanted to live; goofing off a lot, talking to you guys every week, and primarily, laughing his [butt] off.

Indeed, Tom Magliozzi is one creative genius who had never settled for anything else except for his immeasurable and contagious laughter which made his avid listeners to be addicted with him all over again.

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