Feet are the body’s most used and abused part; walking and running are some activities being done everyday by the feet. With these activities, it is but proper to make sure that you give your feet the love and attention it deserves. Good feet hygiene will prevent it from getting Athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. Whatever the season is, it is important that you keep your feet and toenails in top shape.

Summer months keep your feet visible due to footwear choices like sandals and slippers. It will be a good thing to keep them looking good. Though during winter months, feet are always in socks and boots, it is still a must to take care of them. Here are some tips for men and women alike for you to develop and have a nice looking and well cared for feet.

Care Tips for Healthy Feet

Care Tips for Healthy Feet

Wash Your Feet
Wash your feet daily as with all the running from one place to another, feet are often exposed to a lot of dust and dirt. If you are taking a shower in the morning and not at night, make it a habit of at least washing your feet during the night. Lather up with soap and clean the spaces between the toes. Wipe your feet gently with a clean towel after. This is a sign of good hygiene and an assurance that you do not sleep with dirty feet as this will also prevent from transferring the dirt to your bed.

Soak Your Feet
Soak your feet with a mixture of water, ice cubes and 6 drops of tea tree oil for 30 seconds to bring down any swelling and then rub well with a towel. Both feet should receive the same attention and keep soaking until the swelling subsides. Soaks help soften skin, exfoliate dead skin cells making your feet smoother. Use products with ingredients like milk and fruits which contains natural acids that will help eliminate dry and rough patches.

Exfoliate Your Feet
Regular exfoliating will help soften your feet but you have to choose which product to use. As wrong products can quickly eliminate scaly and callused skin but may cause skin to break which may lead to infections and pain. If you prefer to scrub your feet, choose products with added oil to help hydrate the skin. Avoid razors and callus scrapers which may break the skin. Hydrate the feet with cream. Foot creams are thicker and they are created as such to give the feet more moisture. The best products to use are those that contain petrolatum, glycerine and shea butter. If your feet are prone to calluses, use a foot cream that contains exfoliating lactic acid which will help dissolve dry patches while hydrating your feet. Lotions that contain urea can also remove calluses and even out hardened heels.

Get the Right Shoes
Choose shoes that will fit correctly and will give your feet and ankles the support they need. Shop for shoes late in the afternoon or evening as this is the time when your feet are the biggest. Measure your feet while you are standing as your feet get bigger under the weight of your body. Carefully consider the fit and the walking comfort of the shoes that you buy as the size may vary depending on the shoe style even if it comes from the same manufacturer. Wearing the wrong shoes may affect the foot health. If you wear shoes too tightly, it  can cause hammer toe, corns and foot pain. Large shoes may cause blisters and sore heels. There are shoes that are bad for your feet even if they fit properly. Wearing high heels frequently can cause damage to the bones. Wearing heels are fine every once in a while, you should find a comfortable pair of flat sneakers for your everyday wear.

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