Celebrity singer Carrie Underwood, has perfectly made a red carpet debut at the recently concluded CMA Awards 2014. During that very glamorous event, the beautiful and sultry Carrie had flaunted in all excitement about her new status as a proud mom to be. She wore a simple and yet elegant looking gown by a famous international designer who goes by the name of no less than Lorena Sarbu. It was best complemented with a high- low skirt to make her even more stunning than ever before.

Along this line, she had beamingly shown the entire world that being a mom is a noble mission and journey to travel through the years. Despite of her medical condition, she has rocked the CMA Awards for the seventh time since it had initially commenced to give honor and prestige to those musicians and singers who have exerted all their time, effort talent and energy just to come up with a masterly crafted musical piece. Going back, Carrie is the sexiest pregnant mom that we have all seen. What is most interesting about this multifarious woman? It is the undeniable fact that she never hide her condition unlike other Hollywood celebrities with the same unprecedented stature like hers.

Multi-awarded singer Carrie underwood is an expectant mom.

Multi-awarded singer Carrie underwood is an expectant mom.

In fact, she had proudly announced her much awaited pregnancy in her official Instagram account. To date, on the first day of September, she posted some photos of hers together with her two cute dogs. Uniquely, these precocious pets of hers had a shirt which impressively said,they were going to be a big sibling. She is Carrie Marie Underwood in real life, and was born on the 10th day of March 1983. As a multi-awarded singer she eventually made her not so easy route to stardom by unanimously winning the fourth season of American Idol. From then on, her stars did not stop from shining. Little did we know, that her previous achievements in her illustrious singing career has paved a way for her to be elevated in the circle of Grand Ole Oprey in 2008. A year later, she became a member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Last but not the least, she won a total of six Grammy Awards, sixteen Billboard Music Awards and seven American Music Awards.

Today, she is still known to millions as the Queen of Country Music. With of all these prestigious accolades, there is no doubt that her child to be will follow her footsteps somewhere along the way. Given this once in a lifetime chance, there is no doubt that she will never stop humming the most beautiful songs in the world, most specially to her child. Have you ever wondered how Carrie Underwood will put her baby to sleep? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

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