A nation’s colourful cultural heritage has expressly characterized the Philippines as one of the most admired countries in the world, due to its splendid array of nice and historical tourist spots and a holistic and core of cultural values which make this country even more resplendent in the distinctive eyes and lifestyles of millions across the globe. First and foremost, her beloved and interesting cultural heritage is such an endearing and multifarious facet of her flawless persona over a thousand years. The Casa Roces in Manila is one of the most prolific examples of what has always been referred to as a transcendental kind of cultural heritage. To further our readers’ knowledge, this lifestyle article will elaborately discuss what this encompassing term really meant through a colourful and timeless journey to Casa Roces, Manila.

Casa Roces offers an exquisite dining experience then and now.

Casa Roces offers an exquisite dining experience then and now.

This famous resto in Metro Manila was a heritage house of the famous Roces clan who had powerfully dominated the print media industry during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippine islands. During those years, all existing print publication entities were closed down except for the gigantic and overpowering firms of the Roces’. In fact, only three prominent broadsheets were allowed by the Japanese regime to continue its quest for journalistic excellence. Among these were the following: La Vanguardia, Manila Tribune and Manila Times respectively. From these phenomenal legacies of the Roces’, their present and goal-oriented descendants had come up with a brilliant concept to metamorphose their ancestors’ house into an exquisite deli that would be gloriously named as Casa Roces. this aristocratic resto is regarded as a Hispanic-influenced domicile that falls under the definitive classification of a “social house”. This luxurious and very splendid abode rightfully belonged to these affluent illustrados which had luckily conquered and miraculously survived three domineering colonizers in Philippine history.- The Spanish, American and Japanese external forces. Aside from this fascinating architectural and historical attributes this had been the private haven of Don Alejandro Roces, a Filipino National Artist. Location wise, situated near Malacanang Palace; the official residence of the Philippines’ Chief Executive. as you are about to enter the lavish lobby of this newest dining place in Manila it will silently convey how these fearless and bombastic journalists had reinvented the fruitful meaning of cultural heritage in the Philippines. Inside the glamorous lobby of Casa Roces, you will see an antiquated chandelier which had brightly illuminated the different photos of the past presidents of the Philippine Republic. Likewise, there are also classical photographs of the closest friends and acquaintances of the Roces family since they had started their profitable businesses and noble writing careers in the country. Moreover, there is an old door that is mainly wood-crafted wherein many visitors had come and go, through the years.

As you leisurely walk inside the lobby of Roces de Casa you will suddenly notice some old but valuable novelties which are cutely placed on the sturdy walls of this currently-renovated dining joint in Manila. The atmosphere inside this elegant social rendezvous is very common and casual. Consequently, this classic dining hub is intimate family affairs like birthdays and weddings all- year round. The lush and serene garden of Casa de Roces is being used as a grandiose conduit of the main dining area. Going to the second story of this heritage house cum restaurant seems to be another extension of the lobby. Furthermore, there are long and brown-colored planks which have been artistically utilized as well to the other fabulous and ancient fixtures or furnishings of Casa de Roces. Furthermore, there are long and brown-colored planks which have been artistically utilized as well to the other fabulous and ancient fixtures or furnishings of Casa Roces Manila. Similarly, the compelling and extensive architectural makeovers of this regal dining place have meticulously converted this ancestral house into something that is genuinely priceless just like a clear-cut and somehow a glittering piece of a diamond ring. Also, its chairs and tables are extremely shining in prestige and beauty that will definitely last for another thousand years. In case you did not know some of these fixtures are usually the termed as excesses from the other houses of the Roces’ patriarch and genial ancestry. Speaking about the regular customers of Casa de Roces, it is nonetheless Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and his trusted members of the cabinet. Among the best varieties of food that they are frequently enjoying till they drop are the delectable cuisines from Spain, America and the Philippines.

Overall, Casa de Roces Restaurant wants everyone to have a taste of their mouth watering appetizers, such as the equally-sliced chorizos with balsamic reduction. This particular diner’s start up cost around Php 355.00 per serving. Similarly, customers can also have a Creamy Pate dashed with Black Caviar. However, this irreproachable dish somehow carries a pricey price tag. Just the same, it would never become a problem for those people who really have the means to splurge even just for a single day or during a romantic date. Also, after having a sumptuous meal you can refresh yourself with a single order of Sangria which has varying prices according to its size. A tall glass of this delicious and appetizing beverage costs around Php 165.00 per glass and Php 550.00 if it’s ordered by carafe. Conclusively, the Filipino cooks’ versatility and sui generis characterizations when it comes to these one-of-a kind food ideas alongside with its very delicate methods of preparations can be categorically classified as internationally-acclaimed. Interestingly, these qualities are all universally included in the food wonderland of Casa Roces Restaurant.

Geographical Location

Roces de Casa Restaurant is located at this easy to find physical address. It is at 1153 Jose P. Laurel corner Aguado Streets, San Miguel, Manila.

Casa Roces is truly an evolution of creativity, passion and intelligence, which marvelously inculcate the pivotal roles played by human wisdom, in the reinvention of a rare national treasure into a mesmerizing and ostentatious restaurant. In essence, it harmoniously amalgamated the other cultural influences of other countries to excellently create those superb cuisines; which concisely reflect the lasting legacies of those mighty and undaunted conquistadores of the Philippines.

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