Costa Rica is one of the richest country in the world. It was accidentally discovered by Christopher Columbus during his most important expeditions in the world. Aside from having a rich and fascinating culture to brag about, there is one noble culinary attribute of Costa Rica that this informative article would gladly like to share with you. This is all about her best-selling cuisine which is deliciously known as Casado.

Casado is the most popular all-in-one-dish in Costa Rica.

Casado is the most popular all-in-one-dish in Costa Rica.

Casado, according to the country’s famous culinary experts is composed of rice, meat, fish, beef, tomatoes black beans and a lot more. Uniquely, it is being alluded to as the delicious counterpart of the Philippines’ very own asado or sweetened pork. According to notable food reviewers, the next best thing about Casado is its right blend of every ingredient that leaves a tingling sensation in one’s discriminating taste buds.

So, what are you waiting for? Try to cook Costa Rica’s Casado and you will definitely crave for more.

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