Dentists worldwide have said time and again that one’s oral hygiene is of paramount importance when it comes to the promotion of overall health and well-being. But, it is very unfortunate that millions of people are suffering from a painful and unbearable gum disease. According to dental practitioners, a periodontal disease can be medically classified as periodontitis and gingivitis respectively. To distinctly differentiate, gingivitis pertains to the swelling of the gums.

A gum disease like gingivitis is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene.

A gum disease like gingivitis is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene.

On the other hand, periodontitis is the inflammation of the ligaments that are attached to the bone of a tooth are said to be infected. What are the leading causes of gum disease and its alternative treatments? Primarily,any type of a gum disease is caused by poor hygiene and an inadequate food intake. To resolve, you must make it a habit to eat a nutrient dense diet which is mainly composed of whole and unadulterated food groups. Among the classic examples of these are as follows: 80% of raw or organic vegetables and those foodstuffs that are completely sugar-free. Most importantly, you must resist the temptation of consuming acid-rich foodstuffs.

Like for instance, a little amount of sugar has an acidic pH. Gum diseases occur when the blood strongly pulls out minerals and calcium away from the the bones of your teeth. Therefore, a diet which is abundant in the much needed vitamins and minerals will effectively resolve these gum-related diseases in due time. Also, make sure that your body has enough supply of Vitamins D,C and B.


In treating an acute gum disease, a person is advised to avoid sweet food because it will be aggravated. Moreover, you should keep your mouth clean and fresh all the time by brushing all the time after meals. For your toothpaste, use the homemade ones instead those that are being commercially sold. In addition, you must chew some raw garlic if you can. Last but not the least, you must regularly take some of whole vitamins as much as possible to make your gum disease less painful in time.

Conclusively, a gum disease is really treatable if you will see a dentist for at least twice a month so that your attending physician can make the necessary recommendations for your oral problems.

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