News reporting will never be the same again for CBS News as they momentously launched their live streaming video service to make them have the best of both worlds in a competitive arena that they excellently know more than anyone else through the years. According to their formidable management, they would be the first ever media outfit which will have a digitally-powered live streaming video service that will remarkably astound their staunch rivals without any reservation. Essentially, this will provide millions of viewers the world over to watch its previous and current news telecasts although they do not have cable and satellite subscriptions respectively. Therefore, this technological innovation takes each and everyone of us to a major and transcending leap towards a new spectrum of information dissemination like no other.

News reporting will never be the same again as CBS News goes on a live streaming telecast tomorrow.

News reporting will never be the same again as CBS News goes on a live streaming telecast tomorrow.

Prior to this interesting development, HBO has also announced a stand alone internet service which would probably underway anytime next year. Along this juncture, both CBS News and HBO will create a momentous and timeless benchmarks in the complex sphere of broadcast media that we have never experienced before. As far as those mobile users are concerned, they will be able to get the latest and freshest news from CBS by simply availing of their reasonably priced subscription rates for as low as $5.99 per month. Coverage wise, this amazingly includes an easy access to a total of 15 primetime shows on the same day that they will air a breaking news broadcast on cables or satellites.

Furthermore, among the most prominent countries that can marvelously enjoy the live streaming video subscription are as follows: New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Washington DC is not yet included as of this writing. Likewise, the adrenaline- pumping games of NFL are excluded from the live streaming service of CBS. To better understand the very purpose of this state-of-the-art live streaming service, Lesly Moonves, CBS Corporation’s president and chief executive, has further explained.

This new subscription service will deliver the most of CBS to our biggest fans while being additive to the overall ecosystem. Across the board, we continue to capitalize on technological advances that help consumers engage with our world-class programming, and we look forward to serving our viewers in this new and exciting way.

During the colorful passing of years, CBS has been too reluctant in placing their programs online. To date, sometime in 2007 they refused to join other broadcasting giants like NBC Universal, Fox and ABC in the same global endeavor. Ultimately, the objective of CBS News is to ensure its global flexibility not only in news reporting but also in its negotiating strategies with Amazon and Netfix as far as the creation of a new platform is concerned. Now, will you settle for any other broadcast media like CBS News? Well, you better think twice.

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