In the resonating socio-cultural landscape of the Philippines, religion has always been an integral part of the Filipinos which provides them the strength and will to go on each day of our lives. Therefore, its ever-flourishing tourism has perfectly included human spirituality through the boundless and creative establishment of a captivating tourist attraction which is widely known as the Cebu Taoist Temple in Cebu City. This is a precious and timeless shrine which is located in Beverly Hills Subdivision. Surprisingly, Cebu’s Taoist Temple was beautifully built during the chaotic years of Martial Law from 1972-1982 by the Cebu Substantial Chinese Community.

The sacred and enigmatic Taoist Temple of Cebu.

The sacred and enigmatic Taoist Temple of Cebu.

Incredibly, it has an elevation of 300 meters above sea level. As such, this towering structure is incomprehensible in terms of its topographical attributes. Above all, its location can be easily reached through three different routes. Comparatively, the Cebu Taoist Temple is gladly opened to multitudes of its loyal worshippers and non-believers alike. Inside the solemn premises of this grandiose tourist hub in Cebu, there is a specific ritual that has to be done by its visitors. Begin your ritual by sincerely praying to the generous gods of the Taoist Temple of the friendly Cebuanos. Speaking of its sacred rituals, it also have the following: Washing of the hands, going inside the chapel with no slippers or shoes and by dropping two blocks. In this regard, if those blocks appeared to be faced down a person can readily make a wish. On the contrary, if those objects headed for the reverse side a person cannot make a fervent wish for some unknown reason. For millions of Chinese, this temple can be best asserted as an s the intermediary place of worship for many Taoist followers who had gone to Cebu for some special purposes. Ultimately, the universal religion of Taoism follows the spiritual teachings of Lao Zi. Aside from these sages, a faithful has to sincerely climb almost 81 steps which dearly represent the 81 chapters of Taoism Bible. Prior to this, one has to light joss sticks and have to subject himself to a fortune reading session by the most revered monks of Taoism.

Oftentimes, its most frequent visitors are mostly students from different schools across the nation. In fact, no Cebuano will ever tell you that he or she has never seen the Cebu Taoist Temple from the very day that it was successfully completed. As far as its elegant features are concerned, it is vividly highlighted by the following: It has a library, a wishing well and a souvenir shop. Above all, it has small balconies which provide unforgettable scenic views of the Cebu downtown. There are significant symbolisms that excellently surround the temple over the years. To date, the Cebu Taoist Temple has other awesome features that global wanderers must not fail to see. Read on.


Impressively, here are some of the most intriguing and mystifying features of the famed Cebu Taoist Temple.

  • Perfectly-sculpted lion sculptures– These wonderful features of Cebu Taoist Temple are believed to possess mystical and protective powers for people. Hence, the genius creators of these astonishing tourist attraction highlights have excellently thought of imitating the original ones in China, which were mainly patterned after the famous Chinese anecdotes from Buddhists priests
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  • Mythical Dragon Image– The said replica according to Chinese religious beliefs, signifies positive beliefs of financial prosperity, good health and abundance
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  • Peacock or Peahen– This feature of the Cebu Taoist Temple carries the varying symbolisms of positive regard, integrity and class. Accordingly, these representations are used in Feng Shui to enhance a person’s attraction to wealth, pink of health and good luck
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  • Seven-tier mini replica– This particular architectural feature of Cebu’s Taoist Temple is a timeless reflection of how the architectural prowess of China had spectacularly bewitched the cultural serendipity of the Philippines as a whole
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To make this tourist attraction more significant to everyone, here are some of its unusual amenities.

  • Temple’s Statue
  • Clean and well-sanitized public toilets
  • Friendship Bells
  • Small stores which are somehow complete and cozy


If you are going to visit this inexpressible tourist spot someday, you and your peers must not pay any amount for admission.

Visiting Hours

The Taoist Temple of Cebu City is open from 9:00 A.M.-5:30 P.M. everyday.

Getting There

There are varying options on how to get there at the Cebu Taoist Temple. If you are from Cebu, local tourists are just about 10 minutes away from the main road of Lahug, which is a tranquil barangay. For first time travelers, it is most convenient to bring their own vehicles to ensure their safety and convenience. Similarly, if you intend to take a public utility vehicle you must stop at a designated highway and then walk leisurely until you have reached this enthralling tourist paradise. On the contrary, Metro Manila residents must search for those flight carriers which have direct flights to Lahug City.

After Magellan’s introduction of Catholicism in Cebu, the Philippines had indeed drastically changed the lives of the Filipinos unexpectedly when it comes to the endless nourishment of their own soul and spirit inside this towering Taoist Temple in Cebu.

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