Celebrity Dance Battle Heats Up on TV-5

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The scorching heat of the summer will be much more fun and exciting as “Celebrity Dance Battle” makes its grand debut on the 22nd of March 2014. This new and awesome “Celebrity Dance Battle” will be hosted by the beauteous and sexy Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez and those gorgeous NCAA heartthrobs, David and Anthony Semerand. In this particular kind of dance show, “Celebrity Dance Battle” will graciously motivate its celebrity guests to compete with one another until they will be able to reach the grand finals of “Celebrity Dance Battle”, a few months from now.

“Celebrity Dance Battle”, the newest dance contest on TV-5 takes the center stage on March 22.

On the much awaited launching of “Celebrity Dance Battle”, it will proudly introduce the first batch of competitors who are all engaged in their own productive hobbies and interests such basketball and the likes. In the succeeding episodes of “Celebrity Dance Battle”, PBA fans will have the time of their lives when they would be watching at the comforts of their own homes Gary David, the “El Granada” of the local hardcourt to sweep the night away. As this marvelous event unfolds a few days from now, his millions of fans would probably ask themselves. “Will Gary Granada be the next Michael Jackson of the PBA?”

Meanwhile, Valerie Concepcion will alluringly tease everyone with her sultry and killer moves as “Celebrity Dance Battle” makes its splendid way of entertaining millions of viewers across the globe through its innovative dance steps that you have not seen before. Among the other celebrities who will gladly grace “Celebrity Dance Battle” this March are: Priscilla Meirelles and Kevin Balot.

As far as the judging mechanics of “Celebrity Dance Battle” are concerned, its talented contestants will be judged based on the critical scrutiny of notable choreographers, professional dance sport Filipina Olympian, Edna Ledesma and actress-dance diva G. Toengi. “Celebrity Dance Battle” will be aired every Saturday at 7:45 P.M.

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