The movie Chef, seems to be an easy to absorb film material but it is too honest and has a kind of energy that gives excitement. Jon Favreau, the writer, director and lead star took a very personal approach in making the movie as it feels like that he is working out on an issue he which he has similarly dealt with while making and reading reviews of Iron Man, Cowboys and Alien. But, he had addressed this particular concern so effectively with an open mind. Therefore, the film came out to be one of the best.

Jon Favreau plays Carl Casper, a well-praised chef at a posh restaurant who is depressed because he is making the same meal that made him famous for his loyal customers and a restaurant owner who would like to give the people what they already liked; rather than to gamble by trying something different. One day, while Carl is looking for a way to go out of a depressing situation. A major food critic dropped by for dinner and he prepared a new menu. His self-esteem was eventually put down when the restaurant owner, pushes him to make his regular menu. The review was not impressive. Thus, making Carl disappointed to the point that a video of him goes viral when he shouted at the food critic.

Chef is a story of a famous culinary expert who gets so easily depressed with those situations that challenge his craft.

Chef is a story of a famous culinary expert who gets so easily depressed with those situations that challenge his craft.

Consequently, he lost his job and had no prospects at all. So, he heeded the advice of his ex-wife and started all over again via a food truck. This allows him to reunite with his love for food and his son, Percy. With his chef, the diligent father and son took the food truck on the road, stopping at different cities along the way and setting fire to Carl’s passion. From there, this inspiring movie really hit it off. What was more surprising was the fact that, Favreau has not yet done anything like this. But this movie has become one with a heart, in which its audience finds so much delight.

Moreover, it is much easier to look at the truth that Carl is hardly depicted as a persevering searcher. On the contrary, If the moviegoers would only be able to realize that it is about a celebrity chef, it will make sense. Of course, this review did not forget to mention that Carl is not as an easy go lucky searcher. On the other hand, he is so passionate and people are usually drawn to that kind of attitude and confidence in him.

Chef features Anthony as a son of our protagonist. In this particular portrayal of his, Emjay Anthony is indeed a revealing actor. He is the movie’s link to the outside world as he sets up a Facebook and Twitter account pages for the mobile food truck. As for their personal relationship, the father’s connection to his son is so conventional and strained at the beginning of the movie. In effect, it can be a bit frustrating to see how the story loses its grip and momentum among its viewers. But in the end, it is indeed worth watching as moviegoers will dearly appreciate where the movie’s sequences would eventually lead following after its not so good opening salvo.

Speaking of Leguizama, his portrayal was so great and moving, too. Simply because, he is most often in high spirits though he only played a supporting role. Also, Bobby Cannavale as one of Carl’s line chefs was fine. Rating wise, it has not been given a family-friendly PG classification. But, it helps. Overall, it was objectively given an R-rating. See this fantastic movie trailer and see how a chef would positively change the lives of other people, through his sumptuous dishes on the move.

As a whole, Chef is an enjoyable film. Road trips are often easy stories to tell as the scene changes from one to another, which allow characters to bring up on something which is entirely different from one another.

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