The seasonal ending and resumption of any given series is its most excellent gauge in the competitive game of popularity since time immemorial. Just the same, there is no better way to support a TV series than by watching it time and again whenever it resumes its pilot telecast for a particular season. Therefore, let this website review in detail the phenomenal television series, Chicago Fire which is now on it its third season. Well, it simply began when a certain character whose name is Boden has echoingly yelled these words.

This is one of the most worth watching scenes in Chicago Fire Season 3.

This is one of the most worth watching scenes in Chicago Fire Season 3.

Report anyone from House 51 report!. On the other side of the story, every televiewer has eagerly anticipated who among its characters will ever come out alive, during its most crucial situation in their respective lives. Luckily, Severide seemed to alright. As the camera rolled around the room which looked like a burning inferno, every viewer will wonder how could they have survived the ultimate test of their analytic thinking and all of the other strategical skills to save lives? In the said episode of Chicago Fire Season 3, viewers had a clear glimpse of Casey, Otis, Herman, Mouch, and all of the other characters who are all up to for another challenge in the making. Now, the twist of the story in Chicago Fire Season 3 had come. There was a mysterious man who suddenly uttered these words out of the blue.

Man down. The room stills as the men uncover Mills’ body. Could we be saying goodbye to our favorite cook?

When all of the characters had presumably become anxious and rattled because of their own predicaments, Severide had already found in a bucket of tears, while he was performing a CPR on Shay. It was because of the fact, that this particular character had suffered major trauma on the head. As a result, all of Shay’s friends were so worried. In just a matter of minutes, Casey had to take Shay inside an ambulance for a much needed medical attention. But, Lesly Shay did not survive though. In retrospect, this heartwarming sequence has indeed proven that love and friendship never ends until the final curtain call falls on anybody.

As expected, every character is back on their feet after the tragic death of the ever loving Lesly Shay. Going back, House 51 seems to be filled with a happy and carefree atmosphere as Mills had to run again and of course Severide has gone back to a log cabin where everything was so nice and so easy. At the end of this episode of Chicago Fire Season 3, we must be all proud of Shay who had heroically breathed her last to save others’ lives without being selfish and hesitant for the sake of the noblest mission in the world.

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