The historic Bank of America Chicago Marathon has finally culminated last Sunday. It was eagerly participated in by almost 45,000r runners who took down the streets to show their support for that very momentous event. These agile runners had roamed around the neighborhood of Chicago to proudly show to the the world that it is indeed one of the best forms of exercise without doubt. For the past six years, the Chicago Marathon has been widely recognized to make sure that the lasting essence of friendship and camaraderie will never be lost through the years. According to its racing director, this annual activity has earned so much in terms of its preponderance popularity wise. Best of all, it was able to establish a kind of an overpowering and a significant rapport with Chicago without having to read more about the country in general. For the sake of feeding one’s mind, this country has become one of the World’s Marathon Majors that this world has ever blessed with.

The 2014 Chicago Marathon culminated last Sunday.

The 2014 Chicago Marathon culminated last Sunday.

Despite of the Ebola scare in the United States, there was no tension or anxiety which had affected this kind of an adventurous race that has strongly encouraged everyone to live a healthy way of life. As expected, there were police authorities who were patrolling around the area to ensure the safety of everyone most specially those thousands of athletes who have graciously joined the event in all passion and ardor since it had announced its schedule for this year. More so, the police were authorized to check on the backpacks of each individual to make it certain that nobody will ever get hurt during the said unforgettable event.

On the other hand, there was no world record which had been beamingly set all throughout the tournament. Hence, the Chicago 2014 Marathon was coveted by Eliud Kipchoge who ran with an approximate time of 2:04:11. On the contrary, he said that he sorely missed his target but just the same he felt delighted in winning the 2014 Marathon of Chicago. The Chicago Marathon of 2014 in the Women’s Division, was won by nonetheless Rita Jeptoo. Her exact time was recorded at 2:24:36.In jubilation, she said.

Today, I was trying to push and it was very difficult because it was very, very wind.

Previously, she was able to set a world record of 2:20. As such, she was adjudged as the fifth fastest runner in the Marathon of Chicago. Also, the University of Illinois had taken home the plum which was garnered by people who are physically handicapped. In conclusion, the dynamic organizers of Chicago Marathon had thanked all those who joined this year’s test of agility and immeasurable endurance by saying,

On behalf of the people of Illinois, I congratulate the thousands of runners who trained, ran and completed the annual Chicago Marathon. For those who traveled from afar to those from right here in Illinois, it is an honor to have such dedicated and talented athletes race through Chicago each year.

The world of international athletics knows no bounds. It only speaks of endurance, friendship and worldwide recognition.

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