In these modern times, the varying and fast-paced lifestyles of people are gravely affecting their overall well-being although it has been put on the sidelines more often. In this regard, millions around the world are pretty much unaware that higher cholesterol levels do not only occur among adults but also in children. Based on recent studies and scientific findings, medical experts have significantly found out that one out of three kids who are residing in Texas have been categorically classified under the umbrella of borderline cholesterol. Therefore, it deliberately poses a lethal danger for the possible onset of cardiovascular ailments in the long run. Among those age brackets which are highly susceptible to this kind of medical condition are those children whose ages are between 9-11 years old.

A classic example of high-cholesterol food.

A classic example of high-cholesterol food.

Moreover, obese children have inevitable tendencies of having aberrant cholesterol levels according to the scientific findings of Dr. Thomas Seery of Texas Children’s Hospital. He is currently its pediatric cardiologist. According to his concrete and objective analysis,

Physicians and parents need to teach kids healthy habits, such as eating right and exercising regularly, or as adults they will be more likely to suffer heart disease and stroke. Cardiovascular disease in children is rare, but we know that atherosclerosis has its beginnings in childhood, Seery said. The better a job we do now, the better they will do later in life.

Conversely, almost 70% of these children with increasing levels of bad cholesterol are unfortunately maintaining this extremely alarming trend until they have reached the adulthood stage of human development. This was the shocking conclusion of another notable doctor in the person of Dr. Patricia Vuguin, a pediatric endocrinologist at the Cohen’s Medical Center, New York. Thus, she enthuses.

Your cholesterol at 9 is a reflection of where your cholesterol is going to be in your 40s and 50s.

Though these new medical findings are yet to be presented next week during the scheduled annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology, everyone must do their own share on how to effectively curb these higher cholesterol dilemmas in kids. So,

Parents need to monitor their kids’ activities, said senior author Dr. Elizabeth Jackson, an associate professor in the division of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Michigan. Our results offer even more reason to limit the amount of TV time kids have and are right in line with current recommendations, she said in a meeting news release.

Newest Medical Findings in Children with Higher Cholesterol Levels

Perhaps, these shocking medical truths about the increased percentages in cholesterol when it comes to children will make you say that you will no longer allow them to eat those unhealthy food for the rest of their lives. In a rundown, these are as follows:

  • Young boys are more likely susceptible to the abnormal levels of cholesterol, regardless of its types.
  • Young girls have abnormal rates of good and higher levels of cholesterol.
  • Obese kids have abnormal levels of those good and bad cholesterol. In fact, about 41% of them are having a hard time in managing the so=called borderline higher cholesterol levels.

Food with High Cholesterol Levels that Your Children Should Avoid

Since we all know that Health is wealth. here are some of the food that you must advise your children to avoid in order to prevent the occurrence of this surging cholesterol level in them. These can be any of the following:

  • Hamburgers and all other food that you usually order in your favorite fast food chain.
  • Egg yolks
  • Shrimps
  • Processed food and meat
  • Cheese

These higher cholesterol levels’ concerns, must be swiftly addressed in order to prevent these children from getting sick of such ailments which can undeniably cause so much pain and misery to their families today and in the years to come.

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