How does it feel to walk on the ceiling? Those who are wondering how could this be should not do so that much. All you have to do is to just visit an old town in the Shanghai suburbs. There was an upside down house where everything is flipped in reverse, including its furniture. Do you want to feel the indescribable thrill and excitement in visiting such a tremendous work of art? In the event that you want to visit this amusing tourist attraction, make sure that you will drop by early because hundreds of visitors are lining up everyday and eagerly waiting for their chance to pose for photos with the upside down sofas and dining tables.

This is the inside feature of an amazing upside down in Shanghai, China.

This is the inside feature of an amazing upside down in Shanghai, China.

For those visitors who had already seen this odd world attraction to experience the thrills and adventures inside it were also disoriented when they entered the house because of its sloping floor. Captivatingly, be prepared to fee a bit dizzy. Quite interesting right?  The true reason why visitors became dizzy upon entering the house is because of its slanting floor. Get ready to be pleased when you see a lavatory that is graciously hanging from the bathroom ceiling. It will surely make you smile in amazement. More so, the intricate toilet design is attractively modern in approach One guest said that normal people will not be able to think about a toilet being design that way. When you take a look at it inside, you will get the feeling that the water might fall out. The feeling is fairly strange. To personally discover if it would really happen, come and visit this extremely intriguing house. To provide you with an overview about this upside house in China, read on the subsequent sections.

A 9-year old visitor of the overturned house has experienced playing outside afterward the visit and according to him, it felt like he was standing on a ceiling. Though it is upside down, he did not fall off. Great, isn’t it? You might be wondering who was the genius designer behind this flipsided house is. Well, it was designed and funded by a Polish company and its construction started sometime in November. The house took almost five months to complete. Upon its successful completion, it was grandiosely opened to millions to see and explore. By the way, each visit will cost you around $4.79. There are news and press releases that show workers are putting some finishing touches on this unusual tourist attraction in China. The structure has been built from the roof up and its inside features are stunningly mind boggling.

The upside down house was built at the China Fold Painting Village that has a pathway leading to its front door, which is actually an upstairs window. China’s upside down house joins the same abode which was opened in Russia in January. The other eccentric property was built at VVTs, All of those were exhibited at the Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow. Originally, it was created with furniture and decors. Further, its living room features a sofa and a coffee table complete with a reading tablet and a half-emptied glass.

On the other hand, Russia’s upside down house features a kitchen painted in lime green, a table set for dinner complete with lobster. Its bedroom has a flipped upside down bed complemented with wardrobe and lamps that glow in all shimmering brilliance. Similarly, there are upside down houses that can be found  in the different parts of the world. There is one in California, Poland and Florida respectively. Going back, If you want to visit the upside down house in Shanghai China, be prepared to fall in line and be awed with the house’s entirely different look. You will find that every furniture, dishes, plates, sofas, baths and toilet are glued above people’s heads.  

You will find your-self and your mind imaginatively wondering under each furniture and fixtures. So for those of you who are asking how it feels to walk on the ceiling and be like the famous Spider Man, why don’t you give it a try in the next few months? What are you waiting for? experience and share the excitement, thrill and amazement inside this extraordinary house. Oh by the way, be prepared to take  a selfie, groupie or whatever you might want to call a picture of you inside and outside the premises of this upside down house. Share it!

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