On Valentine’s Day, chocolates would be the most ideal gift that anyone can give to those special people who have showered them with so much love and unconditional understanding all these years. Suggestively, the best shop and resto where you can find thousands of chocolate varieties is no other than but the impeccable Chocolate Fire. Chocolate Fire has impressively modified the rhetorics of chocolate pleasures and indulgences by offering to the world and most especially to the Filipino community, their neoteric and delectable healthy dishes with extensive selections of beverages and drinks which proudly include their original creations of wines and champagnes; that are gladly served at their exclusive CF Bar. As their unique business name implies, this chocolate store, bar and restaurant has colossal chocolate displays which are sophisticatedly located at the counter.

The delicious chocolate assortments at Chocolate Fire.

The delicious chocolate assortments at Chocolate Fire.

Amazingly, this place has a total of almost 70 chocolate assortments which will remarkably titillate every inch of your childlike persona. Moreover, these saccharine and tempting chocolates are preservative-free and are always fresh everyday. In consonance, all of these sweet goodies are made from pure and rich Belgian chocolates that are harmoniously combined with both local and imported ingredients to give those sweet stuffs more distinctive tastes as compared to those popular chocolate brands that are being sold here in the Philippines and across the globe. Here’s a brief profile of how it all started.

Business Profile

In 2005, a dynamic and goal-driven confectioner and certified chocolatier has accidentally discovered the perfect chemistry between fresh fruits and the elegant tastes of imported chocolates. So, in his little and humble factory in Sydney Australia he gamely experimented on the following ingredients: Fresh, glazed and frozen fruits. Surprisingly, these gastronomic perfections have suddenly created a different kind of synergy. From then on, it has become a tremendous attachment that will bring forth a new lease of life for this unbelievable Chocolate Fire artistry that can never be replicated by any Chocolate Master, the world over. The unidentified candy man and owner of CF had also made another first in the chocolate-making industry by making a variety which he creatively alluded to as the Chocolate Caramel Fudge.

In particular, this product was able to contrive the sweetest and freshest scents of business prosperity. Through the years, it has come up with has come up with other irresistible chocolate flavors that are genuinely covered with luscious fruits that are not too sweet on the palate. Also, there are some variations where the proud genius behind this chocolate business had lavishly used caramel apples and selected nuts. In 2007 Chocolate Fire had mesmerizingly seen the beauty and wonders of the Philippines after it had allowed the whole continent to discover more of their numerous and unique chocolates in a flash. As a prelude, the proprietor used to distribute some product to Filipinos. In effect, his mouthwatering choco products were sold like hotcakes though it was very much understandable that they were given out for free. Subsequently, their company’s optimistic prognosis that this blessed country might be Chocolate Fire’s second home became an unimaginable reality. Soon after, a new store was established and was finally completed after a span of two years. This was to scientifically ensure that those chocolate blends should be accurately done in the strictest quality standards.

Furthermore, this very talented businessman has to critically search for a place that can safely keep all his delightful chocolate creations because this alluring territory will soon be the surrogate homeland of all his priceless and most sought after chocolates. Since the Philippines is the home of tropical fruits, this excellent confectioner had begun to use his cooking skills by using the different kinds of these fruits. To name a few, he had dried mangoes, pineapples and coconut. Just like any other scientist, this person would spent sleepless nights in doing these prolific culinary routines.- Dipping, dunking, blobbing, twisting and stretching these chocolates in different geometric shapes with diverse and unparalleled tastes. Eventually, every box of chocolate at Chocolate Fire had enigmatically exuded a versatile personality of its own.


Chocolate Fire is conveniently located at PDCP Building, Corner of Leviste & Rufino Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Chocolate Fire has made a phenomenal reinvention in chocolate making which will sophisticatedly establish a tremendous benchmark about the immeasurable distinctions of international culinary excellence at the helm of tourism development.

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