International singing sensation Chris Brown rages the hottest fire that he could ever think of against the so-called Real Women. But whatever happens, there’s always an ardent supporter by his side in the person of Rob Kardashians. According to reports, their sensational word war had all started when those sensible hosts got a hold of the most controversial topic in town which was all about staying away from people’s relationships. From there, one of TV hosts had accused the impulsive Brown as an unfaithful kind of guy to his on and off significant other.

Singer and rapper Chris Brown is in a raging word war against the furious host of Real Women.

Singer and rapper Chris Brown is in a raging word war against the furious host of Real Women.

Don’t you think some of your friends reap some of the benefits of her dating Chris Brown? Really are your friends going to tell you to leave that?

To date, she continued to ask this line of questioning out of curiosity and Bailon even said about benefiting from a relationship. Similarly, Tamar Braxton had suggested an interfriendtion with Tran although they were actually as such. Therefore, Brown was somewhat annoyed as he winded out the comments and had even resorted to a profanity laden rant on Instagram by alluding Bailon as ole trout mouth and Braxton a “muppet face a**.” . More so, he had aggressively urged one of the host to take the role of somebody such that of an ugly sister. He even accused the younger sister of Toni Braxton of allegedly having a plastic surgery. In response, Braxton had furiously retaliated

You are only a few years older than my son and I will not tolerate your disrespect when no one was coming for you!!!. So this RICH/BLESSED Muppet who WAS always VERY nice to you and your girl will continue to work my a** off and make amazing records and positive television while YOU …In this very queenish mood you are experiencing …should have and could have picked up the phone!! …or watched the show for yourself!!! At least that’s what REAL men do.

In addition, she never wasted a single moment to say these alarming and yet insinuating words against the singer cum rapper.

No one came at either of you but was simply using your relationship as an example of things us ladies go through in a relationship!! . I do not know nor do I give a hot damn about your relationship personally. …honestly and respectfully I’m VERY sorry if you BOTH were offended about our girl chat…. however you WILL NOT think it’s ok to come at GROWN women and talk to either myself or @adrienne_bailon as if u have EVER has us each in your bed at ANY point in our lives! Maybe your mind is clouded

Along this juncture, millions of viewers, fans and reporters alike are still waiting for Trans to answer on those posts by other camps. What would be the next move of Chris Brown? Watch out for it anytime this week.

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