Christopher de Leon is hoping that God will perform a miracle for his son Miguel who is afflicted with testicular cancer. However, he refused to call it as such because for him stands for Christ. His wife, Sandy Andolong is with her ailing son to take care of him. De Leon said that it was actually an inborn case of the said ailment.

Dramatic actor Christophe de Leon holds on to  God forever.

Dramatic actor Christophe de Leon holds on to God forever.

Unfortunately, X-ray findings have sadly revealed that the cell tumor had gone to his lungs already. Christopher further added that Miguel had been operated on when he was five years old. He is currently confined at the Intensive Care Unit and heavily sedated with tubes all over his weak body. Christopher said that if you are being treated for this kind of medical condition in America, the word IMPOSSIBLE becomes its reverse. Simply because, doctors are doing their jobs in all sincerity and diligence round the clock. To expedite his recovery, he had chemo sessions five days. Then, a CT will come next. After which, a tedious radiation procedure will follow. In all of these challenges, Boyet has this to say to those who are supporting them through their prayers.

First and foremost, I would like to thank ABS-CBN, Dreamscape, and all the staff, Sir Deo [Endrinal]… for allowing me to leave and be there on the day my son was transferred to a better hospital. The first one was a good hospital but, you know, there is a high-caliber hospital in San Francisco—California Pacific Medical Center.

Prayers can move mountains. This is the reason why, his charismatic community is also storming the high heavens with supplications that will surely make everything fine. Likewise, millions of netizens are doing their little act of love for Miguel. God’s immeasurable graces are incomprehensible. Therefore Christopher de Leon and son will be victorious in time.

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