The most powerful religious sect in the Philippines, Church of Christ better known as Iglesia ni Cristo is jovially celebrating its Centennial Year today, July 27, 2014. Church of Christ which is widely-renowned for its block voting process, unanimous political endorsements will heartwarmingly welcome its millions of supporters and believers who are expected to join the celebration which will be held at the equally famous Philippine Arena.

Incidentally, the Philippine Arena is dubbed as the largest stadium, the world over. According to the spokesperson of the most controversial church in the Philippines, its members had gigantically exploded in terms of numbers. This the major reason why the said phenomenal congregation has expedited the construction of the Philippine Arena in order to accommodate its members inside the grandest stadium of all time.

Today, marks the Church of Christ's Centennial Year.

Today, marks the Church of Christ’s Centennial Year.

Meanwhile, the state-of-the art Philippine Arena has a huge seating capacity of not more than 50,000 people. In retrospect, the most influential religious congregation was duly founded in the year 1914. Its official founder is Felix Manalo who was raised as a devout Catholic in the early days of his life. Through his conventional religious beliefs, he kept on searching for the enlightening truth. As a result, the kind-hearted leader of the Church of God became a Protestant for quite some time. As years passed, he was able to put up a church of his own and he has then proclaimed him-self as God’s last messenger.

Over the years, the skyrocketing cathedral of the Church of Christ are mostly seen and visited in the different parts of the Philippines and also across the globe. Since their historical establishment was finally unfolded, it has been in a contradicting fence with the Catholic Church. These involve their respective doctrines and all other social/moral issues in focus. According to their sensational doctrine, the seats of men and women are purposely separated from one another for decency sake. Marriage wise, their devout members are only permitted to get married if they both belong to the phenomenal Church of Christ sect.


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